Blac Chyna Copy Cat Kylie Jenner’s 22nd Birthday Outfit  on the MTV VMAs 2019

kylie jenner and baby

Blac Chyna surprised her fans by copycatting the Kylie Jenner’s 22nd Birthday outfit. She hit the red carpet in pink pointed heels and The Attico’s soft pink feathered mini gown. People who already watched Kylie in this outfit quickly noticed this outfit coincidence. But is it really a coincidence? Let’s find out.

The 31-year-old fact tv star was looking absolutely gorgeous within this pink feather mini dress at MTV Music awards on 26 August. But if you look back on 10 August then you quickly realized that Kylie wore an identical outfit when she was going to enter into a Megayacht for Italy fun vacation.

I’m not defending Chyna, but it is quite possible that she picked that outfit weeks before this big music event. So, if that dress is similar to Kylie’s birthday outfit, then it is nothing but a coincidence, and one shouldn’t say it a copycat version at all.

Another thing you should notice that there are no more similarities between two ladies except a matching dress. She adores her look with feathery false eyelashes which instantly compliment her fluffy dress. She matched pink ballerina heels with dress shade. Instead of going for contemporary hairstyle look, she picked massive barrel curls, and this hairstyle is out-of-the-box kind for this glamor event.

Chyna didn’t wear an identical outfit with Kardashian Jenner’s girl very first time. Before that she twin style with her daughter dream Kardashian in matching Adidas tracksuits on 22 August. And Kylie used to match the dress with her little sweetheart Stormi.

Dream Kardashian is the two-year-old daughter of Rob Kardashian with Chyna; she filed a case of close custody of her daughter.

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Chyna is often compared with Kylie Jenner for style repetition, and TV star considered it nothing but “an insult to be compared to Kylie Jenner in any way, shape or form.” According to an insider,  “As far as Chyna is concerned, ifanyone looks like anyone, then it’s Kylie whois trying to look likeher — not the other way around.”

So, we can say that although this dress is similar to Kylie’s 22nd Birthday outfit, it is nothing but a coincidence given the fact that Chyna doesn’t like to compare with beauty mogul in any manner.


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