Best Way To Tell If You Have Bed Bug Bites


Bed bugs can be brought home from the workplace, a friend’s house, or, most commonly, from a hotel stay. They are very small creatures that are adept at hiding and can easily hitch a ride with you from one place to another. Due to their small stature, you are unlikely to notice them accompanying you. 

The first you’ll know of their presence is likely to be when you wake up covered in bites. In effect, it will look like you have developed a red rash across your body. You’ll want to be certain that it’s bed bugs to allow you to have them eliminated by the experts, you can click for more info on your local experts. 

It’s worth noting that there are several bugs that look very similar to bed bugs, make sure you establish what type of bug you are dealing with first. 

There are several obvious clues that you’ve been bitten by bed bugs:

The Bite

At first glance you’ll be covered by a red rash, suggesting you’re allergic to something or that you have been bitten. If you examine each of the marks more closely you’ll notice that there is a dark spot at the centre of a red, swollen area. This tells you that a bed bug has bitten you. 

Of course, bed bugs multiply quickly and where there is one there is almost certain to be many more. That’s why you’ll find multiple welts on your body.

The Grouping

Bed bugs are surprisingly sociable. Their bites will generally be in a line or a cluster, telling you that they have stayed together while sucking your blood. 

This is actually to help protect themselves and also, because the longer the bed bugs are active the more there will be, the closer they will need to be on your body. Marks grouped together suggest bed bugs have been active.


Bed bugs inject a small amount of saliva into your body to numb the area where they are biting. It’s not enough to cause issues and bed bugs are not known to carry disease. But, it will react with your skin and cause it to be extremely itchy

When you wake up with an itchy red rash there is a good chance it’s bed bugs.

It’s worth noting that the rash will develop over the day and each spot may turn into a fluid-filled blister. This will look unsightly and, because they are itchy, it will increase the chances of infections. It’s imperative you use lotions to prevent yourself from itching. 

Burning Feeling

This doesn’t happen to everyone. In fact, it generally occurs in individuals more prone to allergic reactions. But, while it isn’t harmful, a burning sensation across your body can be very frustrating. 

Blood Stains On Sheets

You may not feel the bed bugs biting you but you are still unlikely to stay still all night. That means you will inadvertently roll onto the bugs, killing some of them. Rust-coloured stains on your sheets confirm this has happened. At the same time, if you’ve been itching overnight you’ll find bloodstains on your sheets, confirming the presence of bed bugs. 



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