Best Notebooks With The Longest Battery Life In 2019

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Let us be real, no one anymore has the time to keep worrying about the laptops charging going down within a few hours of use. We all need to feel like we are in 2019 with no more worries regarding carrying those heavy laptop chargers with us all day along. Previously, many laptops and notebooks from various manufacturers have reigned the markets because they were trustworthy in terms of battery life.

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However, with the new year, there are even cheaper and better Longest lasting notebooks with the powerful charging capacity to bring in more ease to your everyday

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1- The Lenovo ThinkPad T480

Whether it is a laptop with perfect specs and poor battery life or vice versa, investing seems a little useless in both cases. The all new Lenovo ThinkPad T480 seems to come as a solution to every user’s problems. It is perfect when it comes to its features and best than any other notebook in terms of battery life.

This one tops the list of Longest lasting notebooks with a long life of 17 hours and 19 minutes. This spectacular battery life does not come alone. Besides, you can also enjoy the perks of a spacious keyboard alongside a fast-paced performance.


  • Long battery life and an extended Laptop battery timing
  • Raised keyboard
  • Good for heavy gaming


  • Heavyweight
  • The screen is not bright enough

2- HP Envy X2

When it comes to taking your laptop to long trips without having to care for the charging, this little notebook does it all. Even though not as fast and powerful as the other laptops of the time, the HP Envy X2 has the ability to work throughout 14 hours and some 20 minutes.

It also has a built-in 4G system and a comes with a digital HP Pen for natural and smooth use. An attached Envy’s pen holster makes sure you don’t lose the pen and that the system is easy to use everywhere. Other than these, these laptops come with a solid detachable keyboard alongside flaunting a bright display.


  • Amazing battery life
  • 4G built-in
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Lightweight
  • Runs cool


  • Sometimes offers a sluggish performance
  • Unable to run some Windows app

3- Dell XPS 13

Keeping up with its tradition of having the slimmest bezels ever, the Dell XPS 13 is one of the longest lasting notebooks in the market currently.

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The laptop runs for an average time of 12 hours and 22 minutes. Its Infinity Edge design has now been granted a bonus in the form of the webcam in the top bezel, which has been a long-awaited thing.


  • Super light in weight
  • Thin Body
  • Comes with the all-new Whiskey Lake processor.
  • Stronger performance
  • 4K display
  • Long battery life (on 1080p model)
  • Infinity Edge bezels
  • A perfectly placed webcam


  • Poor performance and lower battery life (on 4K model)


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