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best mid range phone

Smartphones nowadays are a crucial part of our daily life. An average person can never think a day without using smartphones. But the price of a phone does matter from person to person. Maximum phone users usually look for the best mid range phone within their budget.  

 Mid range phones are not cheap, on the other hand, all cheap phones are not bad. A different person has different choices and spending habits. Sometimes perhaps you are tight on your budget.  

 However, you usually do not require to throw huge money to have a better phone set. Here I will give some options of the best mid range phones available on the market. I will make sure that you can buy a phone with the best camera performance within your budget.  

 By the way, I will let you know what is all about mid range phones and how to pick the best one at first. And then, I will offer you the top list to choose your phone very easily.  

What Is All About The Best Mid Range Phone?  

 The phrase mid-range is unique as you can’t consider it as an expensive one nor the cheap one. So, these are kinds of mid-priced phones, neither the premium nor in the budget areas.  

 Usually, the mid range phones are impressive in case of cameras and performances.  However, a price between $200 to $500 is considered mid-range phones to us. Almost every phone company takes care of these terms and makes some fantastic phones.  

The Reasons You Should Buy A Mid Range Phone 

 Statistics say that mid-range phones have most of the customers nowadays. Users want to get most of the new features within their budget. And that is the reason people usually choose mid range phone sets.  

 In addition, in this COVID-19 epidemic, premium users are also going for mid-range prices.  

 So, below we will talk about some factors that why you need to choose a mid-range phone.  

 Premium Features with Affordable Cost  

The majority of mid-range smartphones can touch the performance and features of a premium quality phone. They are nearly different from each other. For example, take a look at the OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus 8 Pro and verify the differences.  

Both of the phones have different prices, but they give nearly the same features. So, I mean to say that you do not need to spend $1000 for Samsung Galaxy S20 to have features like Single Take. On the other hand, you can get the same part on a mid-range phone like Samsung Galaxy M31s. 

Features That A Mid Range Phone Has But A Flagship Does Not. 

You will become surprised that a mid-range phone can surpass a flagship in terms of features. For instance, an OnePlus Nord has 5G network support, whereas a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does not.  

Another example is Samsung Galaxy M31s, as it comes with 

6000mAh battery life, whereas a lot of famous flagships can’t offer.  

Competitive Performance Compare To Premium Phone  

Users tend to think like a mid-range phone can’t compete with a 

premium one by performance. For example, Qualcomm and MediaTek boost not only performance but also improved graphics for gaming. 

 Mid-range phones such as the Redmi Note 9 Pro only cost $230, but the Snapdragon 720G processor helped it run high graphics games.  


Mid Range Phones Now Have Impressive Design 


Nowadays, mid-range phones come with excellent designs compared to premium ones, such as Redmi K20 and OnePlush Nord. However, you do not only get a better design, but also a collection of amazing colors.  


Getting Best Camera With Mid Range Prices 


Last but not least, cameras are one of the big features people look for in a smartphone. And it is not also a big difference from any other premium phones. We can retake a look at the OnePlus Nord. The primary and ultra camera of the OnePlus Nord can take beautiful shots.  


Besides, it has a quad-camera system, and it does well in lighting conditions, although the iPhone 11 is better than the OnePlus Nord. However, you will have to agree to the price half of OnePlus Nord compared to iPhone11.  


 What Can We Consider Before Buying the Best Mid Range Phone? 

 A phone you are going to buy can be a vital gagets of your every day life. Therefore, You should take this clever decision and do some research before buying it. When you see many phones and designs in the market, you can be overwhelmed very quickly.  

 As we know that we do not use our smartphone for just calling or messaging. Smartphones are being like mini-computers nowadays. So, here are the top factors to think about before picking up a mid-range phone. 


People are now divided into two categories of platforms, such as one is Android and iOS. The Androids are hugely available in the market as a lot of brands making Android phones. Generally, Android follows Google’s rules, so you will have to follow, as well.  

 On the other hand, if you are willing to buy an iOS phone, one device will come into the mid-range class. Both of the phone makers are giving their best to content their customers. By the way, iOS is much more expensive compared to Android.   


Your priorities will be different than your friends while buying a phone. Perhaps you prefer that your camera should be good enough. On the other hand, your friend loves to play games, and he needs a good battery life. Someone may want a big screen to watch videos and class lectures in online classes.  

Typically, you can have full features in a best mid range phone, but not all of them. So make sure which one you prefer most.  


Now we will talk about the most vital topic of our article, and that is the price. Perhaps we have bound you between $200 and $500, but there is a lot of range available for you. Usually, companies use a little bit of older or more-modest parts in their phones than the flagship ones.  

 By the way, all the latest released phones’ prices are a little pricey. 

After some time, the price falls, and it becomes a mid-range phone. However, some stores are ready to give you a phone by installment too.  

What We Can’t Expect From A Mid Range Phone 

Expensive phones are expensive because they have some features that differ from others. Howev, you can run your daily life with a mid-range phone very quickly. By the way, there are some things that you can’t expect from a phone that is below $500.  


For example, A premium mobile set whose tout an IP68 rating is waterproof. In addition, phones can easily resist dust, dirt, sand, and water. Besides, you can take these phones under a meter of water for at least 30 minutes.  


Also, all the premium phones are enabled with 5G network support. However, many phone companies are making their phones a 5G network within a price range.  


7 Best Mid Range Phone You Can Buy 

Now let us talk about a bunch of phones that fulfill the criteria as a mid range. By the way, you may have other choices, and these will be my pick. So let’s look at them.  


1.Samsung Galaxy A51 

I am listing it in the first position because it is worthy of this position. You will get a beautiful display as well as the best quality. The phone has a dual-SIM system and four rear cameras.  


Besides, you will get a headphone and a battery capacity of 4000mAh. Other worth mentioning features are 128GB storage capacity.  


By the way, based on the customer reviews, the fingerprint scanner is not much speedy. But despite these drawbacks, I choose Galaxy A51 because it has a 5G network system.  


Galaxy A51 Specs: 

  • Display: 6.5 inches and Full HD+. 
  • RAM: 4GB. 
  • Storage: 128 GB. 
  • Cameras: 48, 12, 5, and 5 MP. 
  • Front Camera: 32MP. 
  • Battery: 4000mAh. 
  • OS: Android 10. 



2.Nokia 7.2 

Nokia 7.2 is the 2nd best mid range phone I prefer. This is an excellent combination of some decent specs with the best design. The eye-catching look and great performance will make you speechless.  


In addition, this is a member of the Android One family and the proud version of Google’s OS. This phone is powered by Snapdragon 660 chipset, and it has 4GB RAM.  


There are 3 cameras and a 3500mAh battery available on the phone.  


Nokia 7.2 Specs: 

  • Display: 6.3 inches. 
  • RAM: 4GB. 
  • Storage: 128GB. 
  • Camera: 48, 8, and 5MP. 
  • Front Camera: 20MP. 
  • Battery: 3500mAh. 
  • OS: Android 10. 


3.Pixel 4a 

Pixel 4a is a great phone that you will get at an affordable price. The various specs of this phone will never disappoint you. However, the most sought feature of this phone is the camera. 


Also, it is a unique type of mid range phone that has a single rear lens. It will truly save your wallet if you want to get a phone with high specifications.  


They released it with the Snapdragon 730G chipset as well as you are getting 6GB of RAM.  


Pixel 4a Specs: 

  • Display: 5.81 inches. 
  • RAM: 6GB. 
  • Storage: 128GB. 
  • Camera: 12.2MP. 
  • Front Camera: 8MP. 
  • Battery: 3140mAh. 
  • OS: Android 11.  


4.Moto G Power: 

We know Moto G Power as Moto G8 Power usually. This phone is famous for its battery capacity. You will have a 5000mAh better that can serve you more than 3 days.  


However, the G Power comes with a Snapdragon 665 chipset along with 4GB RAM. It has its market demand and is quite familiar in the tech community.  


Moto G8 Power Specs: 

  • Display: 6.4iches with Full HD. 
  • RAM: 4GB. 
  • Storage: 64GB. 
  • Camera: 16, 8, and 2MP. 
  • Battery: 5000mAh. 
  • OS: Android 10.  


5.Google Pixel 5 

Google Pixel 5 can be the one you are looking for till now. It can stand out as the best mid range phone. By the way, do not get confused because Pixel 5 is a flagship of Google. As the price is within your limit, we can consider it as a mid-range.  


You will get a lovely camera of 12 MP primary and 16MP ultra-wide ace shot. Besides, you are getting 5GB of RAM and 5G network systems. The only cons of this phone are to design a bit bland.  


6. LG Velvet 

LG released its latest and greatest mid range phone set called LV Velvet. Velvet has a 5G networking system, and the design has improved a lot this year.  


Besides, it comes with the Snapdragon 765G chipset, which is quite appealing. The young genre loves this phone enough as users compare it with Samsung Galaxy S20.  


The incredible thing is that it offers you a 5G modem. Also, you are getting a massive, bright, and colorful screen with a Headphone Jack. 


7.Samsung Galaxy A21 

Our second choice for the list of best mid range phones is Galaxy A21. This phone has its quality to enter into our list. It is the cheapest phone with some great specs.  


On the other hand, you will get a big enough screen of 6.5 inches. We have finished our list with this phone, but do not consider the worst one as it is in the last. Because sometimes the last one can be the best.  


To Conclude, 

If you are looking for a phone that will give you a lot of features at a mid-range price, then go for the Android version. This is my suggestion based on personal experiences. 


The cheapest iPhone model was iPhone SE, but it is no longer available in the market. And the recent affordable model is the iPhone 11, but it does not fall precisely at the mid-range price. As the cost of the iPhone 11 is around $950+, which is not wallet-friendly.  


However, you must know that the two different versions are not hugely different. I hope you will get your best mid range phone within a short time.  






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