Benefits of having chinese money plant

chinese money plant

Chinese money plants are aesthetically pleasing plants. Its name is originated because of the similarity with coins of its leaves. It is a very popular house plant that grows fast and easy to care for.

It provides an adorable welcome with a burst of color against white walls. Worldwide it is considered as an ornamental plant that is originated from China. The pleasant history of this plant makes it special as one of the special house plants. And in this article, we have covered what is Chinese money plant, how to take care of the Chinese money plant and what is the beneficial part of Chinese money pant.

What is the Chinese money plant?

The scientific name of the Chinese money plant is Pilea Peperomiodes. The meaning of the Chinese money plant lies in its name. It is known as a friendship plant that passes to plants. This is called because a healthy mature Pilea grows baby plantlets that are great to share or pass happiness with your friends.

But commonly it is also considered as a missionary plant, pancake money plant, blender plant, or mirror plant. In 1940 in china, this plant was brought to Norway and slowly it spread worldwide. It is a species of a flowering plant generally found Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in southern China.

Feature of Chinese money plant:

There are some distinct features that Chinese money plant are exceptional than other types of indoor plant. The special features of this plant are as follows-

Type: It is a delicious evergreen perennial plant having peltate leaves. It generally grows on shady or damp rocks.

The appearance of Pilea Peperomioides: Chinese money plant gives three different appearances.

  1. The compact but full look- For a shaggy look, it’s better to keep the pups growing next to the mother plant. Pups will slowly grow and give a cute appearance.
  2. Tall and straight look: If you want a tall plant, then rotate the pot toward the light. Rotate one quarter per week. By doing so, the entire plant will be rotated around in a full circle.
  3. The one-sided face looks: If all leaves are facing one side then this look will be achieved.

Flower: Pilea Peperomiodes occasionally produces flowers. But well-grown and mature piles eventually give some flowers. They are not so much remarkable and don’t have any specific smell.

How to grow Chinese money plant:

Potting method: If you give a wiggle room, then it’s easy to grow the Chinese money plant. A drainage hole containing pot will prevent the root rot by overwatering.  But if you have a favorite pot that you want to use for potting the Chinese money plant, then use a drill machine to make a hole on the bottom of your favorite pot. Normally terra cotta pot is suitable for Chinese money plants. From a local hardware store or greenhouse, you can purchase a terra cotta pot. They are simple but elegant.

It is suitable to use terracotta for potting Chinese plants as it is natural clay and it will let the soil breathe easily. If terra cotta pot is not available then you can also use a plastic heavily glazed pot. It’s also better to put your terracotta pot inside the decorative one. Put some pebbles on the bottom of the plant that should 1 inch deep. These pebbles help in easy drainage and help to prevent root rot. For proper potting, you can use a well-draining standard potting mix that is available at a local hardware store. Most probably the potting mix contains sands.


It’s one most important factor for the Chinese money plant. Chinese money plant loves summer air and it starts to lean toward the light. Bright indirect sunlight is required for the proper growth of the Chinese money plant. If you are unaware of direct sunlight, then you have to know by putting your Chinese money plant on your front porch will provide direct sunlight.

This type of sunlight burns Pilea plants. So it’s better to keep them near a bright window that will provide indirect sunlight. Some people like to put it on the dining table. Again if you want to put it on the porch then you have to cover your porch so that indirect sunlight comes. Use a moist cloth to gently clean the leaf surface for a healthy and shiny look.


Chinese money plants don’t require much humid condition. Low light and the cool temperature is the only requirement for Chinese money plant.


For a full amount of growth, Pilea Peperomioides require a lower temperature than 13 degrees C. Don’t keep this plant on cool places to keep safe from the risk of frost.

Proper watering:

Proper watering is an important fact for the care of the Chinese money plant. Chinese money plants don’t like to stay in a moist condition. You can put your finger on the pot to check is it feel the heaviness of the watering. If it feels dry then it’s better to water again. It’s also better to water every week. You have to water properly, don’t overwater that can cause damage.

Some tips for watering:

  • If you feel moist after putting your fingertip, then it’s better to wait for a couple of days.
  • It’s better to check frequently so that soil remains wet or can’t be dry for too long.
  • Overwatering can kill the plant. So you have to be careful about this.
  • Drilling a hole on put will help to remove excess water. So it’s better to use a hole containing pot.


It’s good to know that Chinese money plants propagate so rapidly. If you are unaware of how to propagate the Chinese money plant, then this section will help you regarding this matter. From one mother plant, you will be able to put many Pilea plants by propagation and will be able to share with friends or can put on other pots. For cutting a single stem use a sterile knife. Generally, after the pup is at least 3 inches tall then it’s better to cut for further growing on other pot.

The pull of the pup is not required. But you have to care about the delicate root of the Chinese money plant. Gently cut the pup and stick the pup in water or put it in the dirt. By putting on the water you will be able to see the growing probe of the root. For better results, put you watery pot or glass on indirect sunlight. While you will see roots are growing then you can put it on the pot.

Propagation of Chinese money plant propagation:

Chinese money plant propagation is done in two ways.

  1. Propagation from root plantlets
  2. Propagation from stem plantlets

Propagation from root platelets:

It is the easiest way to propagate the Pilea Chinese money plant through using platelets. You will get Root plantlets from the mother plant root. Choose a large and healthy Chinese money plant that has plenty of space around the pot to produce root plantlets. You can take the plantlets after having a few leaves and then place it into the soil.

Root plantlets already have a root system of their own so you just have to split the connection to the mother plant roots using a sharp and clean knife. After that, just put into a small pot and keep the soil lightly moist. They will start growing to put in soil as they have already a root system.

Propagation stem plantlets:

You can also propagate through stem plantlets. Chinese money plant or Pilea Peperomiodes can also produce baby plant on their stem. Stem plantlets don’t have a root system of their own so you have to careful while propagating. Some steps have to maintain while propagating through stem platelets-

  • At first, just remove the stem plantlets from the mother plants stem with a sterilized knife.
  • Now, you can choose two options. Place the plantlets in a clear bottle with water to see the rooting of Pilea babies or put it in moist soil containing pot.
  • In the winter season, the propagation process is a little bit slow. So you have to wait. Try to use a healthy and rooted plant for quick growth.

How to cut Chinese money plant from mother plant:

Mature Chinese moany plant can grow pups from the bottom of the main stem of the plant. It’s one beneficial thing is that multiple pups can grow at the same time. When they are grown a little bit, then you can cut them from the mother plant to create a new plant.  Again if you want, you can keep them growing on the place where they are.


Pilea Peperomioides need occasional feeding. It needs cacti based fertilizer once in a month. So much fertilizer is not required for the Chinese money plant. But you can use fertilizer for giving an extra boost of growth. Normally Chinese money plants require fertilizer in the spring and summer season. At that time when you will water, then put a little amount of fertilizer into the pot. Liquid fertilizer is a good choice.

Caring of Chinese money plant:

  • Don’t cut the pups as soon as you will see a tiny leafy appearance. Wait and be patient. When you will found that baby plants or pups can survive on their own, then wait until they gain the height at least 2-3 inches. Now remove from the mother plant.
  • The longer you will keep the baby attached to the mother plant the better chance to get a new healthy plant.
  • Don’t just remove baby plants with its roots attached, it’s better to keep a little amount of soil around it. It will help to expose the root connection to the soil.
  • Don’t worry if your plantlets drop 2-3 Chinese money plant yellow leaves right after potting. It can happen as it went through some stress being removed from the mother plant and now potted up. But if many yellow leaves are dropped, then it’s a matter of concern.
  • Rotate the position of your piles toward lights for better growth.
  • You can also put two little plantlets in a bigger pot to grow.
  • Avoid shaded places to grow them happily. For that don’t put this plant in a dark bathroom or kitchens.
  • While repotting Chinese money plant, don’t put on a giant pot. Keep the size just one or two sizes bigger than the previous pot.

Chinese money plant benefits:

Some unique benefits make Chinese money plant unique from others. You will love to grow this indoor ornamental plant for its unique features. These are as follows-

  1. Easy to grow: Chinese money plant is easy to grow as an indoor plant rather than other plants. Chinese money plant care is not so much as it is simple to propagate. They can grow individually or next to other plants to create an attractive display.
  2. Fast-growing plant: This indoor plant is easy to grow inside the house as an indoor plant through the stem or root propagation. If you do root propagation, then you will get a fast result.
  3. Consider as a great present: The Chinese money plant is also considered as happiness passing plant. So you can great your friends with a small pot containing a Chinese plant.
  4. No extra harassment: You will face no extra harassment to grow and care about Chinese money plant compared to other indoor plants.


  1. Can I propagate a Chinese money plant from a single leaf?

Yes, it is possible, but the chance of propagation from a single leaf or stem cutting is not usual as rooting propagation. For better results, you can choose a healthy and new leaf with stalk attached.

  1. How to maintain the proper growth of Pilea Peperomiodes?

Proper care will be taken for the Chinese money plant by providing bright light, moderate watering, temperature, and feeding.

  1. Is it safe to keep Pilea Peperomiodes around pets?

Yes, it is completely safe to keep Chinese money plant around your pet animals.

  1. How often to water the Chinese money plant?

Depending on the soil condition, you have to maintain watering. Just putting your finger on the pot you have to feel the heaviness of the watering. If it’s dry then better to water again.


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