Baldo Upcoming adventure Video Game Trailer, Release Date and Gameplay


If you like to play action adventure games, then you need to add Baldo in your next playing list. This cel-shaded action-adventure game will be soon available for the players of consoles such as Xbox, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. I have got some info about its trailer, release date, and gameplay. Let’s check this out.


The storyline of this upcoming video game is not revealed yet. However, you can get an idea about its gameplay by watching its trailer. This game features detailed pseudo-realistic backgrounds with cell-shaded characters. There are a lot of exciting puzzles which need to be solved; mind game is there to boost up your interest in the game.

When you check its art style and character design, then it seems that the developer took inspiration from Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni. Even its gameplay is quite similar to classic adventures you already played such as the Legend of Zelda series, and DnD. These type of adventure games are exciting and thrilling as you play. Learn how two weapon fighting feat 5e could benefit your gameplay on Dungeons and Dragons, and how knowing road maps can guide you a lot on Zelda.

What you like the most is to be a part of an environment where soothing greenery and forest is apparent. You start an adventure discovery action game with Baldo who have to deal with the different task. There are battles with monsters and robots who can extend claw arms whenever they need to catch Baldo. You will get a chance to solve multiple lever-and-switch based environmental puzzles.

Release Date

There is no official release date information available regarding this upcoming action-adventure video game. However, we might get a chance to have our hands on it in winter 2020. Would you like to solve puzzles alongside Baldo? Please share your comments with us.



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