Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: release date, Trailer, and all details that you need to know

Attack on Titan Season 3

Attack on Titan season is an anime television series that IG Port’s Wit Studios produced it. Tetsuro Araki is the director of this famous series. The twelve episodes have broadcasted and the second part is finally returned now. Fans are very excited to see the second part. Just wait for Attack on Titan season 3 part 2. A lot of things will happen in the upcoming season 3 part 2.

What will happen in part 2?

Eren Jaeger is fighting against the Titans. He has no time to rest for approaching the rose wall after fighting with Female Titan. Eren has ferocious abilities and made a plan with his friends to face the Titans.

They prepare for war for unearthing terrifying secrets. Eren’s house basement has a lot of secrets. They will reach there in any possible way.

Titans hide within the walls, and colossal reveal shakes them. Therefore, more titans are identified that appear in more abnormal and horrifying Beast Titan. Now the question is that Will humanity have a survival chance.

As you know, the first part was very excited where the main focus on Keeny and Levi. We hope that the Attack on Titan part 2 will also be unique as part one.

Release Date of Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2

NHK’s General TV released the first part of Attack on Titan on 23rd July 2018. Afterward, an official announcement came that now the third season is going on the break. The second part of Attack on Titan is coming at the end of this month. The date has confirmed, and it will release on 29th April 2019.


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