Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 117 Release Date Confirmed

attack on titan chapter 117

Attack on Titan Chapter Manga 116 was a huge success, fans of Eren enjoyed the way their hero stands in front of his enemy although he lost his legs. As the last chapter was quite exciting, so fans got high hopes for the next one. I have got some interesting details along with Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 117 release date. So, let’s check this out.

What to Expect?

Attack on Manga Chapter 117 will start from the point where chapter 116 ended. It means that fans will be able to explore a war they want to see from the very start. They don’t want more dosage of Titan history for sure. In Chapter 117, they can expect more action and fight than simple dialogues. Action at its peak is what fans want, and Hajime might fulfill all these wishes.

As we all know Eren has chosen the wrong side, it merely implies that this final arc is going to surprise the fans for sure. War is on edge, while the lead will join hands with Zeke to destroy the Eldies. Zeke has to rely on a few people since many survey scouts are locked up for treason. Marley won’t let the Paradis achieve their goals.

In Chapter 116, Pieck gave signals to Marley Forces to Invade Paradis while the Cart Titan users tried to rescue Gabi and Falco. The chapter concluded with a teaser where Eren is planning to regroup with Reiner.

Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 117 will be released on 9 May 2019. It means fans don’t have to wait much now.

In case you don’t like to read Attack on Titan Manga then another option which helps you get to know Attack on Titan is its anime version. The third season chapter 2 of Anime Attack on Titan will be released on 29 April 2019. Hajime Isayama is the writer and creator of Attack on Titan. It is a story of an alternative world where only left the human race live behind the walls. Fearsome and deadly gigantic man-eating titans surround these walls as titans are invading the walls and try to eat the humans –who need to fight for their survival.


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