Alex Rodriguez Teased fans of JLo with Wedding location and Guests hints

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez kept all details of their upcoming wedding under lock and key. Recently, A-Rod brought some hint of wedding location and told fans more about the guest list in the couple’s wedding. Let’s find out more.
Jennifer Lopez has a plan of having a grand wedding, and this one plan is enough to make her fans go crazy about details. Hustlers actress will celebrate her big day in an unusual way. The couple started dating back in 2017. Earlier this year, they made an engagement announcement.
On Instagram, JLo surprised every fan with sharing of a full of romance proposal picture where A-Rod was on his knees with a ring box in her hand. The singer said yes to this proposal, and this is how they move ahead with their wedding plans.
The couple had a plan to
Tie a knot this year, but later they decided not to rush anything. Jennifer made it clear that she wanted to get married but not so-soon. The couple has children from their previous marriages, and they are offering their kids a chance to get to know each other.
Now back to wedding plan and invites, JLo is busy in Hustlers promotion, but A-Rod found some time to talk about their upcoming wedding. He confirmed that marriage wouldn’t be exes-free. It means you can expect both JLo and A-Rod exes on that big day.
The former New York Yankee player revealed these plan when Host of GMA 3: Stahan, Sara and Keke asked him whether if his wedding will be “ex-free”. The 44-year-old player said that he would invite all his exes.
“I would say exes invited to the wedding — all-inclusive. The more, the merrier,” he said.
When it comes to the fun part and honoring his baseball background, he revealed that “ballpark franks” would be part of the wedding menu. This dish becomes a part of the menu because he wants to show his link to the baseball field.
The first slow dance of the bride and groom is a tradition. The host asked whether it would be choreographed or not. Then player explained, “Jen doesn’t choreograph anything. She’s a savant when it comes to all that stuff”.
Fans of JLo are quite concerned about the location where the couple will get married. So, the host asked the viewer demand question about the wedding location, Alex didn’t reveal it all, but he left a hint behind, He teased, “I got one clue for y’all. One wedding clue. It’s gonna be a long flight.”
Now it’s time to shake your mind upside down and try to get the answer where this wedding could be. First, we think of Dubai as every celebrity love it but A-Rod strike through this name, so what other options they have.
The former Yankee player knows about the location, but he also made it clear that JLo is planning the big day.
“When you think about wedding plans and Jennifer is your partner, all you do is — you do a lot of nodding. I don’t know where the location is. I don’t know what I’m wearing, I don’t know when it is. I’ll just show up.”
So, JLo is doing it all, and A-Rod will do what she likes. After all, it is her big day.


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