A Detail Guide to Screen Printing on Plastic Bags At Home

Screen Printing on Plastic Bags

The Plastic bags have many ways to use and you can print anything or any design on them. The people all around are now worried with the use of plastic bags.  

So, if can print some funky designs onto reusable plastic bags, you can make a quick profit. The Supermarkets, the boutiques, and the shopping malls frequently want custom designed plastic bags along with their logo and name. If they hire you to make these bags, it would be a really big deal.  

First, you have to learn exactly how to print on plastic bags. The guides or instructions on how to print on a plastic bag have been a secret for a long time. But you can learn the details guide from this article and learn the proper working process.

Printing Procedure on a Plastic Bag

For this very first component, you’ll uncover that plastic bags are printed in various ways, relying on the size of your screen printing machine run.

If you think for the longer run plastic bag printing, you’ll require making use of a more cost-effective strategy. Right here, simply you have to hold a plastic roll (consists of 2 sheets) with the tension of your screen printing press. This process enables the roll of plastic passing through a couple of ink systems where the printing runs.

The Flexography is the most famous commercial printing method.  


The Flexography is a kind of technique where the rubber printing plates (an elevated image area) is utilized to deposit ink on the printing substrate. You shouldn’t mix the process with the offset lithography (used for planographic or flat plates).

The difference is that the plates of the flexo are attached with the rollers of the heat transfer press machine with one kind of adhesive. While the rollers start running, the start hitting the plastic paper rolls which pass through the web press.   

You can’t various colors in this process, but the compacted register of color is offset lithography.

When the plastic ribbon sheet pass through the web press and reverse at the end of the equipments delivery, the final action entails developing the actual plastic bag.  

If you want to do this, you should cut off the bags from the roll of plastic which is long. After that, you have to apply them jointly with the heat press machine (at the sides, leading, as well as bottom), and finally you can create the printed plastic bags (product bears your design).   

Printing Small Amount or Short Runs of Plastic Bags:.

There are several printing approaches you can employ to get the task done if you don’t have numerous orders to function on.

Among one of the most usual techniques for short runs is screen printing.

Guide to Screen Printing on Plastic Bags

Unlike the web press of plastic roll which is used in the flexography press, Screen Printing on plastic bags needs to print one at a time (on each bag).

At the beginning, you need to place each bag on flat structured board (on the platen) of heat press or screen printing press. This will certainly keep your bags secure as you deal with them. Actually, you have to do lowering a screen of metal onto the plastic bags and after doing that, you’ll need to apply ink across the screen by pulling a squeegee.     

As this procedure of screen printing on plastic bags is hard labor task, the process is suitable for printing short runs of plastic bags.  

Paper Bags Printing with the Inkjet Printer

Some individuals also use an inkjet printer for printing on the plastic bags. However, this procedure of printing on plastic bags functions best when you intend to imprint tracking numbers on a plastic bag and also not graphic photos.

Your Final decision of Printing on the Plastic Bags

They’re the finest to make use of when it comes to flexibility. You can develop plastic bags with different layouts to fulfill the ever-rising need for their usage. They will certainly look also better when you add your excellent artwork on them.

Printing on plastic may appear tough or challenging. However, if you know what you require as well as just how to utilize them, learning just how to print on plastic is not as daunting as it seems.

While customized printing on plastic has its difficulties, there is a wide variety of alternatives that are offered to you that will aid you decide which one is the most effective for you. From screen printing on plastic to electronic printing with laser printers, there is a whole host of means to publish externally of a plastic film.

The choices of plastic materials, printer, ink make-up, therefore numerous factors can be overwhelming, but if you understand what you need as well as what you’re mosting likely to utilize it for, you’ll locate that your choices are really basic. You can now begin printing on plastic mugs, or if you’ve ended up being that confident, printing on the plastic card may not be as made complex as it might appear.

Follow our specialist guide on just how to print a plastic bag today as well as start generating funky layouts for various corporations, stores, supermarkets, and also so far more.

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