9 Nepal Travel tips for better experience



So, are you planning on spending your holidays in the beautiful Himalayan country? Wondering how your vacation might go? If yes, we have mentioned a few Nepal travel Tips to make your tour easy.

Touring around Nepal is filled with awesome adventures and thrills. But before you visit Nepal there are few tips to make your travel more interesting. To know about the Nepal Travel Tips you can read further below:

Nepal Travel Tips

Written below are a few of the travel tips that can be helpful for you while visiting Nepal:

Exotic Trekking Routes

Nepal is a beautiful country popular for its great Himalayas. This is a great Trekking destination for trekkers looking forward to some adventure in the high regions.

You can find short to long trekking trips on these routes. There are many regions to go trekking in Nepal like the Langtang region, Everest region, etc. Among them, the Annapurna region has some of the most popular trekking destinations. 

10 days Annapurna Circuit Trek is the most visited trekking route of this region. You will be encircling the wonderful valleys and the Annapurna Massif in this trek. It is one of the best long-distance treks in the world.

The trekking routes of Nepal will not disappoint you. You will find it thrilling and challenging throughout. Experiencing the marvelous culture and tradition of the Himalayan people is quite exciting.

Don’t Trek Alone

Trekkers prefer traveling alone in the beautiful Himalayas. But it is highly recommended not to trek alone in these routes. As the climatic conditions can never be predicted when traveling in high altitudes.

It can be sunny and warm one moment while windy in another. Also, the routes can be challenging due to landslides and snowfall. In a few places, you can also face the risk of falling rocks. So, trekking with a companion is also suggested for safety purposes.

If you don’t have a companion then you can hire a porter or guide which can be helpful as well. As they are regular walkers on these routes they can show you new ways or help you if you ever get lost in the trails.

Carry Cash

In this modern era, Technology has taken over the world. As the payments are made through electronic devices and cards. So, nowadays people are not used to carrying cash along with them. 

However, in developing countries like Nepal, cash is still in use to make payments. This is one of the most useful tips when visiting Nepal. Carry cash every time along with you as not every place accepts electronic devices and cards.

The cards and mobile payments are still not available in rural and village areas. Thus be sure you have enough Nepalese currency with you during this trip. Also, there are no ATMs available in higher regions.

Bargaining respectfully is acceptable

You don’t have to feel ashamed while bargaining in the local markets of Nepal. As long as you hassle with respect you can even buy your choice at a lower price than expected.

When traveling around the local markets you can notice people bargaining with shopkeepers. And convincing them to lower the price from its original. You can also try out your bargaining skills if you want to.

Usually, they tend to charge more to foreigners so you shouldn’t feel sad to lower the price. You can convince them with sweet talk and a smile. If you can impress them they will lower the price.

The shopkeepers are friendly towards their customers and are used to bargaining. So don’t hesitate and have fun in the local markets.

Handmade Handicrafts

One of the best souvenirs to take along from Nepal is the Nepalese handicrafts. Nepal is well known around the world for its handmade handicrafts. You can see their religious influence on these handicrafts.

The beautiful design engraved by the hands of artists looks amazing and is breathtakingly beautiful. Some handicrafts you can buy as souvenirs are Handmade Hemp Backpack, Singing Bowls, Handmade paper products, and many more.

Try Out Nepalese Foods

Visiting Nepal and not trying out the Nepalese food will make your trip tasteless. The streets of Nepal are full of restaurants and stalls offering various cuisines. You can find food from any continent in this country.

However, you should not miss out on the local cuisines of this country. The first thing to try is their traditional food “Dal Bhat”. You should try Dal, and Bhat from the Thakali restaurants as they offer an authentic taste.

Other than that you can also try Tibetan food in Bouddha. Such as Thenduk, Laphing, etc. Or the Newari cuisine which is even popular among the locals. They have a variety of dishes you can choose from.

And do not forget to try out the Momo’s. This is the favorite dish of many Nepalese people. You can find this dish in every shop and menu. This is the Nepali version of Dumpling.

Dusty Road

The roads of Nepal might not be as you have expected as most of them are unpaved. Also, the roads are dusty in most parts of Kathmandu. You might feel like riding a roller coaster on these roads.

If you are sensitive or allergic to dust then be careful as it might affect you. It is necessary to carry a mask or scarf to cover your mouth and hair due to all the air pollution.

No proper Traffic Rules

You should be aware that there are no proper traffic rules in Nepal. You can notice that people are not following the traffic lights. Or using zebra crossing to cross the roads.

While roaming around you might also notice two-wheelers entering narrow streets. Thus, you need to be careful when crossing the roads as people tend to drive carelessly. So, don’t hurry and look around while crossing roads.

Nightlife Ends Fast

If you are a party animal looking forward to partying till sunrise. Then the nightlife in Nepal can be disappointing for you. Most of the restaurants close around 11 pm.

And some pubs and clubs can be shady so select wisely when going clubbing. They tend to overprice the tourists so it is better to go in groups or with a local.


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