9 Celebration Ideas With Long Distance Family

Celebration Ideas With Long Distance Family

For most of us, the love of their family means much more than any wealth or privilege on earth. It is one treasure that won’t ever deplete. No matter what, family always stands by our side through thick and thin despite what the world says.

However, living away from them can be daunting. For some, it might be a new path towards freedom, a new life altogether, while others struggle with the smallest of chores.

But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder; staying away from loved ones definitely strengthens the relationship. Your parents and relatives living abroad try their level best to include you in every festivity.

However, it might not be a success every single time. Here are a few ideas for celebrating with your long distance family to keep the love and warm alive. If you are nodding your head already, we are here to help you with some ideas. They will help you can feel closer to your family on important occasions despite being miles away. Take the guide

  1.   FaceTime/ Video call

Be with your family on their special day, even if it means being with them virtually. Sing birthday songs, attend the puja, and raise a toast on their anniversaries. Everything is possible now, thanks to technology

  1.   Send gifts through the mail

Sending gifts or letters through the mail has its own charm. Handwritten letters for your loved ones have a personal touch to them and will definitely brighten up their celebration.

  1.   Have a cook-off

Old recipes of your grandmother or even any of your relatives which are very famous amongst your cousins should be chosen for the ultimate cook-off. You can decide on the date, time and Facetime the entire cook-off for a dose of fun and laughter.

  1.   Plan a good holiday

Even though you might be miles away from your dear ones, one vacation once a year isn’t a bad idea to spend some quality time together. Although intense planning and detailing is required for this to work, everything is worth it for family. This family vacation totally calls for a celebration.

  1. Make handmade gifts

The internet is full of DIYs and handmade gifts tutorials. You can send various gifts and on events of important celebration, say, Rakshabandhan, you can send Rakhi to USA from India, too. You can make handmade Rakhis for your cousins living abroad and send them with lots of chocolates.

  1.   Create a festival playlist

Since Spotify is already launched in India, you and your long distance cousins and relatives can create a playlist for the celebration. Play and groove to the same song as it plays in two different places. This will make you feel closer to home and your people.

  1.   Send pictures

Every time you have a vacation with your long distance family, click as many pictures with them as possible. Thus, when there’s a function to celebrate, you can send them these pictures to remember you and to include you.

  1.   Send gifts online

Internet is the best gift of technology to us. You can buy and send gifts online to your relatives living abroad. Everything today is available online at a few clicks of the fingertips. You can send birthday gifts, anniversary surprise, festive tokens or buy rakhi online too. 

  1.   Order online flowers and cake delivery

You can surprise your relatives with cakes and flowers to their doorstep. This can be achieved very easily by ordering cakes and flowers online. Many good portals will let you choose the cake, everything from its flavour to design, giving your relatives the best of them all.

Technology has made everything so easy nowadays that celebrating festivals and anniversaries, despite your family and relatives living abroad, is a cakewalk. Therefore, despite being miles apart, stay close to them, love them and don’t let the distance act as a hindrance.


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