8 Best Ways to Improve Customer Service and Boost Sales

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Improved customer support boosts your sales because happy customers are loyal. As a matter of fact, according to Salesforce, 91% of customers reveal that good service motivates them to buy from a company again. Meaning they most likely come back for more goods and services from your business.

Fortunately, achieving customer loyalty is easy if you provide excellent services. They improve customer experiences throughout the buying journey. In return, you keep your clients happy dealing with your company. 

Dive in, and learn about the eight best ways to improve customer service and boost sales.

1. Reward Repeat Customers

Loyal customers are a gold mine to your business because they buy more than new clients. A study by Bain and Company shows that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. 

However, the market has many options, which makes it challenging to always keep your business on top of the customer’s mind.

The best thing is to create loyalty programs. They increase customer engagement, boost word-of-mouth advertising, eliminate price competition, and increase sales. Some include tiered, subscription-based, value-based, and points-based loyalty programs.

2. Offer Various Support Channels

A multi-channel customer support system enables you to provide your clients with choices. You allow customers to use any communication medium most convenient for them. It also proves you care about their convenience, which boosts customer satisfaction. Good enough, the communication industry has many channels to use, such as:

  • Support emails
  • Live chat
  • Phone calls
  • Help desk support
  • SMS
  • Chatbots

Many companies already understand its importance and have several customer support channels. Support sections of various business websites for schools, hospitals, banks, and retail stores have emails, telephone numbers, social media links, and FAQs, among other options. 

The online gambling industry is also on top of this game because the best platforms provide multi-channel support. The top online casino Illinois for example offers the most popular communication channels for quick responses to customer inquiries about various issues. The support is also often available around the clock, both via email and chat. For the latter, you will get a reply within minutes. 

3. Provide Timely and Convenient Service

Customers expect quick responses every time they reach out to your business. So your support team should respond as soon as possible to various customer inquiries.

Remember, just one bad experience with your company turns a happy customer into an unhappy one. Respond to, and solve client issues on time to improve their experiences.

Achieve it using time-based email alerts to ensure no customer email is left unanswered. Templates and text shortcuts also help experienced agents to respond quickly to customers asking the same questions. All this improves your company’s reputation and wins customer loyalty.

4. Use Social Media

Many customers today prefer using social media to communicate with businesses. According to Invesp’s report on the state of social media customer support, 80% of customers use social media channels to engage with brands. 

The good news is that interacting with clients via their preferred social media channels creates a personal connection between them and your brand.

Also, it is cost-effective because creating business accounts on most channels is free. But if you want more advanced features, pay monthly or yearly subscription fees.

5. Provide Self-Help Options

Some customers prefer to figure out things on their own without reaching out. So offer them self-help options to find solutions in their way. Best of all, you can do so in many ways, such as:

  • Creating a knowledge base
  • Adding a FAQ page
  • Organizing product training for your customers
  • Providing flexible automation features like chatbots
  • Building a public forum

Self-help options provide a better customer experience by saving time and being available 24/7. They assist customers even after working hours when the support team is off duty.

6. Embrace Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital in your business decision-making process because it guides you in improving customer experiences. You should consider customer views to understand their needs and identify opportunities for improvement.

However, to succeed, use the right channels to collect customer feedback. Some of these include:

  • Long form-based surveys
  • Short In-app surveys
  • Customer satisfaction score surveys
  • Exit-intent survey popup
  • Website feedback widgets
  • Customer interviews
  • Suggestion boards.

Also, customer feedback helps you to identify happy customers and design strategies to keep them.

7. Send Personalized Messages

One of the best ways to create a strong bond with your customers is by personalizing their experiences. It gives them a special feeling and makes your messages stand out in their inboxes filled with generalized texts.

Invest in technologies that monitor customer behavior on your website to help you deliver a personalized customer experience. For example, check the pages the customer visits and the products the person buys. It helps you to know customer interests and send messages tailored directly to them.

On the other hand, avoid sending automated messages. Let your customers talk directly with a human agent to create a more personal connection.

8. Hire the Right Candidates

Your support team also influences the nature of the service delivered. It is better to hire people experienced in handling different moods of customers and understand their emotions. Other skills to look for include:

  • Persuasive speaking skills
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to use positive language
  • Clear communication skills
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Patience
  • Self-control
  • Effective listening

Also, invest in training programs to equip your team with better customer support skills. An employee recognition and rewards program also motivates the team to improve performance. 

Boost Your Sales By Improving Customer Service

One of the top secrets to boosting your sales is providing flawless customer service. It shows customers that you care about their experiences with your brand and motivates them to stay loyal. Identify and use the best strategies to make them happy.

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