7 Lighting Trends You Need to Know for Your Home in 2022


Light fixtures are a fundamental element of your home with Lighting Trends. They can not only be used to illuminate a room but also to enhance its aesthetics. However, they are often neglected.

That’s why it’s essential to select the right set of lighting fixtures that are not only useful but also suit the overall decor scheme of your home. visit here

And to help you choose them, here are the lighting trends in 2022 that will pleasantly surprise you with their simplicity and originality. 

Are you ready to add a touch of class to your interiors with these lighting trends? 

Let’s have a look at them. 

Discover the Latest Lighting Trends for 2022

2022 is all about sleek designs and statement pieces, be it the dining room chandeliers, pendant lights, or accents. 

Here are the latest lighting trends for you.

1. Vintage Designs Make a Stunning Comeback 

For those homeowners who love everything vintage, here’s the good news. Vintage design light fixtures are making a stunning comeback in 2022. 

Lights with crafted wooden and metallic finishes can render a warm touch to your room. Pair them with the right furnishing to achieve a timeless vintage feel.

2. Industrial Designs with a Futuristic Touch 

Mid-century modern light fixtures will rule the interior design world this year. What’s new here is that while these lights stay true to their industrial theme, manufacturers are playing with geometric designs and brighter color pallets, giving the designs a futuristic touch. 

You can incorporate industrial design lights into your home to make a bold yet elegant statement. 

3. Accent Lighting Goes Flexible 

One of the hottest lighting trends this year is flexible accent lights. You can use them to add drama and character to a specific space, dynamically.

You can mount the adjustable accent lights on the wall or suspend them from the ceiling to highlight a painting or garden area. 

And guess what?

You can easily change the direction of the accent light to highlight different parts of your room. 

We have a few more lighting trends that you should not miss. 

Are you ready to explore them? 

Check out this infographic by Claxy Lighting to get inspired.  

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

Image Courtesy: Claxy


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