6 Things New Authors Should Know


Whether you have just started to develop your love for writing or have been planning to craft your creativity in the form of a book for a long time, writing it is a pursuit of your happiness. The secret ingredient to the success of a writer is learning.

This means that as a new author, you should always strive hard to keep improving your art. This can help you find your “make or break” moment as a writer. Since the publishing industry can turn out to be quite unpredictable, you need the experience to navigate your way.

By committing time to yourself and investing your energy and resources, you will be able to write the book you have been planning to. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow to improve the quality of your writing, especially if you are a new author. So, here are some of the tips that you can follow.

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Research More Often

For new authors, it is significant to develop your writing skill. Just like you need to be a good listener to be a good speaker. Similarly, if you want to be able to write in excellent quality, you would first need to read more often.

This will give you an idea of how your way of expression should connect to your target audience. It can also turn out to be quite beneficial in enhancing your writing style. Read your favorite writers to find inspiration for your story.

Also, focus on the way of expression when you are reading a book and unlike your favorite passages. This will expand your knowledge and help to improve your vocabulary. It will also inspire you to develop a habit of writing daily.

Take Writing Classes

Another one of the many ways through which aspiring authors can improve their writing skills is by taking classes by experts. It is true that you do not need to get a proper degree in writing to become an author and start writing your first book.

However, taking writing classes can certainly help you to enhance your creative skills and find out how you can use a professional way of expression. Seeking out such extension courses will let you focus on your area of interest and find out what you might be looking for.

You can also join a writing group where you can find peers who can exchange their thoughts with you. It will also be great for you to build connections in the literary world and get your inspiration from diverse mindsets by providing you with more ideas.

Identify Your Audience

No matter if you are a polished writer or a newbie who has just entered the industry, the secret key to the success of your craft is to first know who you are addressing. This means that you first need to identify who your target audience is going to be.

By knowing your potential readers and finding out their likes and dislikes, you will be able to write the pain point of your target audience and keep them engaged. Writing is more about what your readers want to hear, not what you want to tell them.

Furthermore, finding out your audience will also let you determine what subject you should choose as well as your way of expression. By killing two birds with one stone, you will know yourself and your readers at the same time, which can be very efficient for any writer.

Editing is Necessary

Writing is a creative job, and to make sure it is ready to be showcased in the real world; you need to double-check all your mistakes. Especially as a first time author, you might be easily baffled by the jargon of finding out all the mistakes.

For this very reason, you need to edit your final manuscript to make sure there are no errors or grammatical mistakes in your content. While this might sound a bit overwhelming, one of the most convenient solutions is to hire professional proofreaders in Boston who can sort your issues efficiently.

This will not only let you focus your time on some other productive tasks but will also provide your readers with a high-quality and clear draft. Since mistakes might create confusion for your audience, proofreading and editing will save your readers from this trouble.

Be Open to Criticism

Every new author is beaming with encouragement and creativity at the time of writing their first manuscript. However, one thing that you need to remember is that it is highly unlikely that your first book will become an instant hit.

And that is completely okay. Just remind yourself that not everyone is going to like your work as everyone has different tastes. But do not get discouraged immediately and try to be more accepting of everyone’s opinion.

By being more open to criticism you will be able to find honest reviews about your work and where you might improve things to make your book even more attractive. Consider it as a great chance to work better next time.

Set Long-term Goals

In the beginning, things might look easy, but eventually, writing can sometimes turn out to be quite an overwhelming job. But the key is to never lose hope and keep on consistently working on your book to get it published one day.

To make sure to keep yourself motivated, you need to set proper long-term goals that will let you work on your book. Apart from the goofy shit, it will need a lot of your time, energy, and struggle to set up a strong foundation for your book.

No writer is ever born overnight. It requires countless hours of continuous endeavor, sleepless nights, brain cogs, and whatnot. So, you are going to need your strong bones and mental strength to end up with a masterpiece. Just be thick-skinned and wait for your hard work to get rewarded soon.


To put it all in a nutshell, there are a number of things that new authors need to focus on in order to write a quality book. From dealing with trolls to finding out strategies to improve your way of expression,  every little struggle can become quite rewarding for you. Just maintain your focus and keep on working on your journey. In the end, you will know that all of this was worth it and made you nothing but a remarkable author.



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