6 Situations When You’ll Require the Services of a Lawyer


Whether something is predictable or comes as a total shock to you, the part of hiring a lawyer will always make you feel uncomfortable. You might have never been to a courtroom before. You might never have received legal documents or been charged with violating a law. It is natural to feel confused and nervous when dealing with legal matters since it might be a stranger’s land for you. You might avoid getting legal help from a lawyer and try to handle the situation single-handedly where possible. However, you can walk into serious trouble if you do not hire a lawyer where you need one. So if you find yourself in the following situations, consider getting a lawyer immediately.

  1. Car Accidents:

Car accidents are unexpected, and you might be unable to decide your next steps. Contacting one should be the first action so that the legal processes may begin.  Try to accomplish this task as soon as possible, irrespective of the statute of limitation in your state, i.e., the time frame in which you can enforce your legal rights. It is harder to gather pieces of evidence as time passes.

For example, Tennessee, the sixteenth most populous state in the US, is no stranger to road accidents. The statute of limitation in Tennessee is one year from the date of the incident, but delaying hiring a lawyer will lead to reduced chances of getting your rights. If you have been a victim of any such unfortunate incident, look for the best lawyers at that place. For instance, if the city is Chattanooga, one of the busiest cities in Tennessee, you can do a quick google search of auto accident lawyers Chattanooga and go for an experienced professional since this city has its own local court rules. Especially if the accident has caused you personal injury, you will need an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. From dealing with the insurance companies to handling all the paperwork and documentation process, an accident lawyer will share your burden.

2. Complicated Divorce:

If you have decided to part ways with your partner, you may or may not need a lawyer, depending upon your mutual agreement on matters that relate to divorce. If you have no expensive property, debt, or children and agree on all the terms and conditions, you both can have an uncontested divorce without a lawyer. However, hiring a legal representative becomes inevitable if you can not settle issues, such as child custody, property division, and child support. In some cases, you and your spouse can hire one lawyer to discuss the issues and conclude reasonable solutions. Your purpose must be to use the legal system to resolve your problems and not to hammer your former partner. If you feel things are going in that direction, you may consider hiring separate representatives.

3. Injury or Death Due to Medical Malpractice:

Damage to health or loss of life due to the negligence of healthcare practitioners should never be overlooked. Healthcare providers are supposed to restore your health. However, if you or your loved ones suffer harm, hiring a medical malpractice attorney can help you advocate for your rights. When it comes to medical claims, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ process. The guidance of a legal representative will be invaluable to you to get a better idea of what compensation you can get and how to maximize your claim. They will assess the situation and determine how much worth your claim can be and seek it in a settlement or a court case.

4. Starting a Business:

If it is your first time starting a business, you might underestimate the importance of hiring a lawyer for it. Doing everything yourself can distract you from your business goals and slow your progress. So, avoid this mistake that most entrepreneurs commonly make and hire a lawyer to walk you through legal matters you might not know. For example, if you are starting an E-commerce business, you would need a tax attorney since there are tax ramifications on selling and purchasing over the internet. Likewise, to protect your intellectual property and IP address and to deal with consumer-sensitive data, you need a lawyer to set regulations for you.

A lawyer can also be handy in drafting partnership agreements. Laying out a draft is necessary to avoid future conflicts by addressing how the partnership would evolve as the business grows.

5. Lawsuit:

A lawsuit against you or your business can cost you heavily. For example, if you are liable for a personal injury and lose the case, you will have to disclose your property and bid farewell to your house, car, and savings. You will have to be very careful while defending your case, as the cost can be worth your lifetime’s earnings. Considering that the opposing party will have a lawyer, you do not stand a chance of winning against them without getting one for yourself. So if someone sues you with a heavy lawsuit, the first task to get off your list is to hire an attorney and prevent yourself from suffering a big loss.

6. Driving While Intoxicated: 

Driving your vehicle in intoxication is a serious crime and can land you in much trouble. The authorities may confiscate your driving license, or you may face huge fines and even jail time. Though hiring a lawyer is not mandatory, and you will have a right to self-representation, your chances of reducing the sentence will be minimal if you do not have expert help. After contacting your prosecutor, your lawyer can help reduce your punishment to a fine. You have a high chance of receiving this exemption if it is your first time, but you may waste it if you do not understand the system.


Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Legal matters are usually above the comprehension capacity of someone not associated with it, and getting help for them is a normal part of any process. The situation might be straightforward but can become complicated later without a proper framework. A lawyer will take control of crucial matters you might mess up without an expert’s help. Once you get introduced to the legal system and its dynamics, you will no longer feel uncomfortable utilizing its services.


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