6 Emojis That Will Show Off Your Playful and Flirty Personality

6 Emojis That Will Show Off Your Playful and Flirty Personality

A different way to seem more entertaining and fun to talk to is with emojis that show off your personality, and it can keep the mood light and keep your conversations light-hearted. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to seem boring to the person that you’re chatting with, right? Suppose you want to be entertaining to the person you’re communicating with. In that case, jokes, memes, and exciting topics are your way to keep the person interested in you. However, there’s a different way to make you seem less bland to talk to.

The person that you’re talking to won’t have to doubt what you’d say because you added an emoji that expresses your message – something like how you’d do with your facial expressions.

Keep in mind that many emojis in today’s society possess a different meaning than the actual emoji shows. Some even have some sexual innuendos mixed in with them because of how much they represent something – I’m sure you’re aware of the eggplant, peach, and water splash emojis, right?Β 

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Winking Face Emoji πŸ˜‰

No better way to start off, showing that we are playful and flirty other than a winking emoji, right? I mean, the wink itself is a show of flirtiness when it comes to actually show how playful you are, right? You can find variations of emojis winking, but the classic winking will still show that you are joking around and are willing to be suggestive with the person you’re talking to.Β 

Heart Eyes Emoji 😍

Nothing like a little heart-eyes emoji to really show your affection to that person, right? I guess this is more on the flirty side of what we’re discussing here. Still, if you’re willing to use this emoji, then that means that you aren’t afraid to be natural whenever you show your reactions. This emoji really just allows you to show how much you love something, like a selfie, perhaps.Β 

Side-Eye/Smirking Emoji 😏

Here we have a suggestive emoji that allows us to escape from sticky situations depending on the person’s reactions. Like the winking emoji, this smirking emoji is another example of what one would normally do when flirting with someone in real life. Using this emoji will add a touch of playfulness to your image and brand, so feel free to use it.

Eyes Emoji πŸ‘€

Here’s a prime example of what a suggestive emoji is. It’s a great way to draw attention to something you sent earlier to emphasize your own point. Why is it suggestive? Well, you know that look that you give someone when you’re suggesting something, and you repeatedly raise your eyebrows? Yeah, that’s what this emoji is.Β 

See-No-Evil Monkey Emoji πŸ™ˆ

Though the meaning behind the monkey’s action is quite serious, the emoji itself plays off something quite humorous. Typically, one would use it in a way to hide their embarrassment or mistake that they made. It’s also used to show some shyness like you weren’t expecting to see something, and it caused you to feel a little flushed.Β 

Kissy Face Emoji 😘

Who could forget about the kissy face? It kind of works in tandem with the heart eyes emoji we mentioned earlier. Instead of showing your love for someone or something like what the heart eyes do, the kissy face actually demonstrates that love for them. It’s flirty in the kind of way like you’re blowing them a kiss or maybe even giving them a little peck on the cheek.


Although these emojis that show off your personality and express a new playful and flirty side to you that many people don’t often see through chat, please be mindful of when to use them. You can’t really use much of these emojis from a business standpoint as they can have a different meaning that you need to be careful of.Β 

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