Top 5G Compatible Phones to Choose From in 2020

5g compatible phones

5G is next in line after 4G, and 5G users will be able to upload and download at a higher speed. But how fast will the 5G technology work? It is dependent on your device, network, and location. If you are in the right location, you will be able to download movies within a minute or so. Apart from the speed, 5G also offers a stronger signal strength. No matter where you are, crowded metros, or in a stadium full of people, you will not face any problem in getting a signal. However, not all devices are 5G compatible phones.

5G Compatible Phones

The seven of the best 5G compatible mobile phones that you need to check out are:

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 5G

Samsung has stepped into the 5G compatible phones by releasing Samsung Galaxy S10 – 5G into the market. The company launched it in February 2019. This model is a hot favourite among consumers. Apart from the 5G compatibility, this model comes with a significant upgrade of the Standard Samsung S10 range with a better camera as well as a bigger screen. It uses Android version 9.0. If you want a phone that has a fantastic display, this is the one for you. The QHD AMOLED display comes to the 6.7-inch screen of the model. The resolution is around 1440 x 3040 pixels.

Along with 8GB RAM, you will get up to 512GB of storage capacity. It is an excellent choice for people who complain about limited battery capacity as the Samsung Galaxy S10- 5G comes with a 4,500 mAh battery. This model offers wireless charging for people who are always on the move, just like the other devices in the S10 range. There are three rear cameras, and while two of them offer 12 MP, the third one provides 16 MP. The front camera of this model is 10 MP.


  • Great battery storage capacity
  • 6.7-inch screen with fantastic display quality
  • Finish and the fit of this device is incredible
  • Fantastic front and rear camera system
  • Internal hardware is robust

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – 5G

The XIAOMI MI MIX 3 – 5G is the best that you can get in the 5G compatibility range in case you do not want to spend a bomb. Introduced into the market in May 2019, this device is a hot favourite amongst people all over the world. Apart from the 5G compatibility feature, there are several other reasons which make it the right choice. The device has 93.4% of screen to body ratio. It has a 6.39-inch screen with an OLED display. The screen can slide downwards, whereas the back of the device slides upwards.

This unique feature is present to reveal the dual cameras in the front. It comes with a ceramic back and an aluminium frame. The gorilla glass in the front gives this device a futuristic look. You will be able to find a button for Google Assistant on the left side of the device. At the base of the device, there is an ISB-C port and a mono speaker. The weight of the phone is not that much and adds a premium feel to this model.

Why is this on the 5G Compatible Phones list?

This device is known for being reliable and has a sleek design as well. The maximum storage space available is 256 GB, along with 10 GB of RAM. Apart from all these features, XIAOMI MI MIX 3 – 5G offers a dual-camera system at the back, which is 24MP plus 2 MP. This device comes with a battery of 3,800 mAh and is an upgrade from its predecessor, XIAOMI MI MIX 3. You can work throughout the entire day without charging, even after intensive use. This model comes with a 12 MP camera system at the back. The rear camera system packs different focal lengths, which allows both 2x zoom and portrait mode photos. This ensures that there is no compromise when it comes to picture quality.

All you need to do without switching between the front and rear cameras is to slide down the screen. The best feature of this device is its affordability. This device is significantly priced at a lower amount than the rest of its competitors in the market.


  • Highly affordable price
  • The unique slide-out mechanism for the 6.39-inch screen
  • Extremely durable internal hardware
  • The front is all screen and looks great

ONEPLUS 7 Pro – 5G

The ONEPLUS 7PRO – 5G is the replica of ONE PLUS 7PRO. Apart from the 5G compatibility feature, all the other elements are identical. The battery capacity, display, and camera are the same for both the models. It is an excellent deal as ONEPLUS 7PRO has gathered excellent reviews in the market. This new device offers all the fantastic features along with the speed of 5G. This model comes with a 6.67-inch screen along with an aspect ratio of 19: 5: 9. The refresh rate is 90 Hz.

This device is fluid AMOLED, and it is a delight to watch animations on its screen. The 90 frames/ second makes the transition and animations extremely smooth. This device supports HRD10+ along with HRD10. The security issue is well taken care of in this model. The ONEPLUS 7RO- 5G comes with a fingerprint scanner that is present beneath AMOLED display. It is 36% larger in size than the other models introduced by ONEPLUS, and hence, it is more accurate and fast. The scanner takes 0.24 seconds to unlock. You will also get a triple rear camera system in this model. It allows you to shoot images in ultra-wide mode, portrait mode, and optical zoom at 3x.

There is a special camera for taking selfies that can be found from the pop-up drawer that emerges from the chassis. This device offers a UFS 3.0 storage that helps to increase the speed of the OS. You will be able to save pictures or download documents in no time. The battery capacity is at a decent 4,000 mAh and has an 8GB RAM. The built-in storage is at 256 GB.


  • Has a 16MP selfie camera
  • Oxygen OS software is excellent
  • Rapid and smooth hardware

Huawei Mate X

Apart from being 5G compatible, the Huawei Mate X is one of a kind that makes it a hot favourite in the market. It was released in 2019 and is exceptionally stylish and fast. This is a foldable phone, and when it is closed, you get to use one screen at the front and one at the back. In case you were looking for a multitasker device, this is the one for you. When the device is open, you will get to use an amazing 8-inch display screen.

This device provides you with grips on the side. It helps you to hold it like a tablet as well as use the camera system efficiently. The Kirin 980 processor provides you with 8GB of RAM. There is good news for you in case you are looking for a stylish phone that has a functional storage capacity. Huawei Mate X provides you with 512 GB of space for storage. You will get a Balong 500 multimode chipset for your 5G internet connection. Although it is not so affordable, this device comes with a lot of features that cannot be found in other devices. Moreover, this device is rarely available in any store and is quite exclusive.


  • Works as a tablet as well as a phone
  • The screen design is foldable and smart
  • Internal hardware is potent
  • Made for exclusivity

Oppo Reno – 5G

This is a stylish yet affordable phone in the 5G compatible range of devices. Oppo Reno – 5G has a 6.6-inch display screen that is an edge to edge. The OLED display helps you to get a clear look at any picture. The production of bold colour and high brightness provided by Oppo Reno – 5G makes your viewing experience excellent. This device has a 4065 mAh battery that helps to conserve charge throughout the day. There are a 5G modem and a zoom hybrid camera that is lossless in this device.

In case you want to click a good selfie, you can use Oppo Reno 5G to get a good picture using the selfie pop-up camera. The 10x zoom camera consists of a 48 MP primary camera along with a sensor that is 13 MP. It also has an 8 MP ultra-wide camera. You will also get to use a 16 MP camera at the front. The zoom functions of Oppo Reno – 5G are worth mentioning. You will get to use 5x optical, a combination of 10x digital and visual hybrid, and 60x zoom for digital. This will help you to capture a good picture of the object without moving towards it. It is an excellent camera for portrait shots for both objects and people. The audio in this device comes from two speakers who are Dolby Audio ones. Even if this device is 5G compatible, it is not as costly as the other 5G compatible phones. The price is set roughly at around €899.

Features :

  • Pop-up camera for selfie
  • Photo taking mechanism is superior to other devices
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • UI has perks related to 5G

Samsung Galaxy A90 – 5G

This is the best choice for you in case you are looking for a 5G compatible device with a mid-range price tag. The Samsung Galaxy A90 – 5G is packed with the usual features that a Samsung device has. It is exceptionally well designed, has a great

screen and is quite fast. There is a gorilla glass cover for the front well as the back. This makes this device more sturdy. You will also get to use a triple-lens camera system at the end, out of which one camera is a monstrous 48 MP. You can click good images using this device, especially during daylight. The 48MP sensor ensures excellent colour handling and substantial detail. The display screen is quite generous at 6.7 inches, along with a battery of 4,500 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy A90 – 5G is excellent at holding a charge and can be used intensively without the fear of getting drained. It is an excellent choice in case you want to use the 5G technology, yet not burn a hole in your pocket.


  • The mid-range price tag for 5G technology
  • Sleek and tidy design
  • Hardware is incredibly strong
  • Has a high-end chipset

Moto Z3

The Moto Z3 is one of the newest additions to the 5G compatible phones list. It was launched last year and has already created a buzz amongst the customers. It is a far better model than its predecessor – Moto 72. Moto Z3 has an excellent display screen at 6.01 inches. The 835 Snapdragon processor in this device ensures that the device works smoothly as ever. The mobile phone weighs around 156 g and is comparatively lighter than other models. It is a good phone for people who are always on the move.

The unique feature of this model is the fingerprint scanner at the side of the device. Since it is conveniently placed, it is easier to log in. This device comes with 6GB, and with the 5G compatibility feature, it is one of the best phones in the market. The dual rear cameras are 12 MP each. These lenses are suitable for night shoots as well as shooting videos up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. The battery life of this device is a considerable power as it comes with a battery of 3,000 mAh. There is a USB-C port at the bottom of the device. The front camera comes 8MP and will help you to click the perfect selfie.


  • It is extremely affordable
  • Internal hardware is sturdy
  • Price has decreased drastically since the launch


These are some of the best 5G compatible phones that you can get in the market right now. If you want to experience the speed and signal strength of 5G, you need to get one of these handsets as soon as possible.


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