5 Facial Features to Make an Impression in First Meeting

Impression in First Meeting

What is the difference between the face of a celebrity and a common man? Why some faces are so attractive that you cannot forget them? With the help of this article, we just try to find answers to these questions and discuss five important facial features that can make you look attractive and different in the first meeting.

When you meet a person for the first time, you need only a few seconds to judge whether he or she is good looking or not? Even just by one glance, we conclude that a particular person is trustworthy or not? All assumptions of the human mind are based on facial features. So here we are going to discuss some key facial features that anyone will notice about you.

  1. Eyes

It is often said that “eyes are the mirror of your heart”. Those feelings that you cannot reveal through your tongue would be automatically revealed by your eyes. Eyes are considered as a symbol of beauty also. Nowadays people are using lenses of different shades, to make their eyes colorful and attractive.

  1. Eyebrows

Located just a few inches above the eyes, it is a small hairline but plays a very vital role in your appearance. A perfectly toned eyebrow makes you look different and effective. You may think that only women go for threading but again you are wrong as now men also prefer toned eyebrows.

  1. Nose

For many people nose is the most important feature of any face. If you have a pointed nose then you become the center of attraction. But what will you do if your nose is not in proper shape? The shape of the nose depends on the growth of nasal bone. If you think that your nose is not in perfect shape then you can go for rhinoplasty, which is more commonly known as a nose job or plastic surgery. It can help you to get your nose in proper shape. Numerous celebrities use such surgeries to enhance their looks. Such kind of surgeries should be done under the guidance of expert physicians, for the best results.

  1. The symmetry of the face

The symmetry of your face is also very important. Those people who have a symmetrical face are considered as good looking in general. According to some studies, persons with symmetrical faces are considered as trustworthy.

  1. Hairs

You cannot ignore your hair at all! For both male and female, hair is a vital element of their external beauty; even hair acts as an indicator of your age also. If you have shiny and dense hairs then it is a symbol of youth. If you manage hairs according to the structure of your face then it will enhance your personality significantly.

The first impression is very important; we all know this fact very well. If you know how to highlight the strong points of your face then you can impress anyone with just one look. Along with features, a natural smile on your face can get you brownie points anywhere.


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