13 Imperative Interview Questions to Ask From Video Animators Before Hiring

Video Animators

Animated videos have become a vital part of every professional industry, and in order to bring more profit to the business people look out to hire the best animators or animation agency to create the animated videos for them.

Once a person employs an animation studio to work for them, they ultimately expected that the organization and their team of professionals would hand them over a quality result and utmost satisfaction of investing their time and money at the right place.

With this expectation the responsibility of the video animation studio increases eventually and they are obligated to fulfill the client’s requirements anyhow.

In order to ensure that the client’s received an expected outcome, it is imperative for every video animation agency to hire the qualified and expert video animator to work with the team, in order to bring the project to an end on the designated time along with the quality.

It might get really tricky sometimes to figure out about the experience level and professionalism of the animator, which is why it becomes extremely essential for the interviewer to ask all the right and substantial queries at the time of interview to judge the ability of the person sitting in front of them.

Some of these critical questions are listed below for the interviewers to ask the animator at the time of question and answer session with them.

Question No. 1: What Knowledge Do You Hold Regarding Video Animation?

The first most important thing to know about the person you are interviewing is that whatever knowledge they possess regarding the field of animation.

They must be able to answer where the animations are used commonly, how many types of animation are there, and as well as the software that is frequently used to create an animated video.

Question No. 2: What Is Your Qualification?

Some people do their diplomas or complete certification courses in making a video animation, but it would be a better choice if you hire someone who holds a proper degree in the field and is a professional with the proper knowledge about the work.

Question No. 3:  What Type of Animation You Are Expert in Creating With Quality and Efficiently?

As there are so many types of animation, it is important to know the expertise of the animator so that they will be assigned to work on the projects according to their skills and knowledge.

Question No. 4: For How Long Have You Been Offering Video Animation Services?

Experience of the animator retains a great significance if you are offering a proper job position, whereas if the company is only offering an internship, they can take people with good skills and less experience so that they can be trained.

But for the job purpose the more the experience of the person will be, the better the quality of work they will be able to provide.

Question No. 5: Do You Have a Professional Experience of Working with Video Animation Agency or Have You Only Been Providing Freelance Video Animation Services?

It is essential to know whether the person is able to handle the office environment or not; if they have an experience of working with a professional company, then they must know how to deal with different projects and problems related to that skillfully.

Question No. 6: How Was Your Experience With the Previous Client/Job?

It is essential to know how was their experience as in how they manage the project, what were the deadlines, what was the scope of the project, and other important aspects that they achieved or found difficulty in.

Question No. 7: What Were the Difficulties That You Faced With the Previous Client/Job Related To Video Animation Work?

Since every project has a different scope and attributes, the challenges that come around are also different every time.

Let the animator share the hurdles that they faced in their previous project.

Question No. 8: What Solutions Did You Stipulate to Solve the Issues?

Also, it is imperative to ask what resolutions they proposed and applied to solve the problems, without affecting the deadline and quality of the work.

Question No. 9: What Are Your Criteria for Facing Challenges That Arises During the Creation Process of Animated Videos?

It is also very essential to get in the knowledge that what is tactic or technique the animators use in order to resolve the issues that come up while creating a video animation, as it will show their level of professionalism and dedication to the work.

Question No. 10: How Do You Tell the Difference Between Various Types of Video Animations? (thermi)

Every type of video animation has some unique quality that makes it differ from the rest of the animation video categories.

Ensure that the animator is aware of the fundamental differences.

Question No. 11: Do You Feel Contented Working With the Team or Do You Prefer Working Alone?

It is extremely very important that the animator must feel comfortable in working with a team, as in the office environment a project is not assigned to every person individually, but since it is divided into multiple tasks, an entire team is allotted to complete a single project.

Question No. 12: How Long Does It Take You to Accomplish a Project With Quality Maintained?

The efficiency of the animator plays a significant role as it might happen that there are so many projects going or a few projects have to be covered in a short delaine, for which efficiency and proficiency are needed. Make sure that the animator is capable of handling work pressure.

Question No. 13: Do You Think Applying Trend in the Video Animation is Important?

Since the video animation is intended for the recent time and does not have to play in the past or to be used way ahead in future, it is vital that the latest trends and techniques should be applied to them to make it look classy and up-to-date.

Make sure that the animator is aware of this fact.


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