10 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips & Features

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Social media is one of the most commonly used medium for digital marketing. Over the years we have noticed a drastic increase in the social media ad revenue. Social media sites are no longer only used for communication purposes but are also a medium for marketing for businesses

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform at the moment. Apart from being a communication channel, it has also become a global digital ad market where businesses from around the globe market their products and services to reach their potential clients. 

If you are planning on running a Facebook ad campaign then there are things that you need to keep in mind. Even though you can hire a Facebook advertising agency to do the job for you but it is better if you do it yourself because it will allow you to keep an eye on the progress as well. 

So let us look at some of the top tips and features that you must know if you are planning on running a Facebook ad campaign because without these tips you will most probably fail. So in order to make your job easier, we have compiled a list of tips that will come in handy. Let us go ahead and look at them in detail.  

  1.   Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ad is a new campaign launched by Facebook that you can benefit from. This is one of the best options as it allows you to collect data without setting up a landing page. This means that your viewers can easily input data directly on the ad without leaving Facebook. 

  1.   Reporting 

The reporting section is what we all need to focus on. You will find the breakdown section there which will break down everything for you into categories that you wish to see. You can easily figure out which portion of your campaign is working and which isn’t and where you should invest your budget next. 

  1.   Attribution models

Attribution models are a set of rules that define the rate of the conversation thus it is important that you completely understand it. The attribution window tells you about the actions that the users took after interacting with your advert. You can customize the window according to your needs to get regular reports. 

  1.   Test Instagram 

You can now view Instagram placements within the Facebook Ads Dashboard now. Since people are also moving to Instagram thus you need to compare your placements in order to make the most out of it. Perform some test budgets to compare the progress. 

  1.   Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience is an effective targeting method that comes in handy when you don’t really know who to target. Facebook will automatically generate an audience for your ad campaign that is similar to your current audience. It is mostly based on demographics, interest, and behavior. 

  1.   Keep an eye on the location option

There is a location targeting option available as well which you can use to target the people in a specific city or place. If you are running a business in Melbourne then you will want to target the people that live there and not at the other end of the globe. 

  1.   Speak to your audience

Since Facebook uses demographics and interests of the profiles on Facebook to get you the potential target thus you can easily use this data to speak directly to your audience about the things that they like. It will make your ad more appealing. 

  1.   Remarket 

Remarketing is also an important feature that you don’t want to miss. Use it to remarket your products and services to the people that previously showed interest in it. It acts as a reminder for those individuals and gets you the customers that you need.

  1.   Test multiple creatives and copy variants 

Facebook optimizes your ads based on their conversion rate and performance. Thus in order to figure out which creative and copy works best for you, create variants and test them and choose the one that gives the best results. 

  1.   Breakout campaigns by placement

Facebook offers a number of different placements and each one operates differently thus instead of viewing their performance collectively, break them down differently to make more sense out of the results.


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