Wuxia Novelist Jin Yong’s Most Famous Legacy Will Be Continued

Wuxia Novelist Jin Yong

The most popular novelist Louis Chafor Chinese martial arts, also recognized as Jin Yong his pen name. On Tuesday, at the age of 94 he died; however, his legacy will continue to shine throughout the upcoming years.

Zha Chaunti, his son, affirmed to the death of the novelist at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Through online platforms condolences are pouring and also through offline since several artists, officials, fans and celebrities rushed in order to mourn him.

“His passing is absolutely a huge loss to the wuxia world,” stated by Andy Lau, a megastar who was featured for the leading role in a TVB TV series grounded on “The Return of the Condor Heroes” in 1983.

Ni Kaung the close friend and fellow writer, tribute the latter’s novels as the incomparable being the number in one across the globe. His achievements were marked outstanding by him.

Another most popular Chinese director Zhang Jizhong, who served a prominent role in turning his novels into TV series, also shared his condolence message through his Weibo microblog account. He wrote “[You] will not leave us behind too far away; the wuxia spirit will remain eternal in this world! [So] I can bear the pain of losing you.”

The words of Zhang are literally true since the influence and impact created by Cha will continue spreading its impact across generations. Since more than 300 million copies of his work are sold and distributed across the world. This is why he was also recognized as the best-selling Chinese writer of all the time.

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