Woman Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Send Ricin Poison to Trump

Woman arrested for allegedly trying to send ricin poison to Trump

A woman was arrested after allegedly sending a package of ricin poison to President Donald Trump. The report came through from the US immigration officials and is under investigation.

The suspect was found at the border crossing of Buffalo, in New York. She was trying to enter America from Canada and had a gun with her.

The letter she had with her contained a deadly poison. According to investigators, the poison comes from Canada. Authorities extracted the letter before it could go into the White House.

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What is ricin poison?

Ricin is harmful if inhaled, injected, or swallowed. It can lead to vomiting, nausea, and internal bleeding. Someone who tries to attack another with this poison targets ultimate organ failure.

Ricin doesn’t have an antidote as yet. Someone exposed to the poison can die within 2-3 days, depending on the doses. 

Ricin poison, found in castor beans, is naturally toxic. This is not the first time when the White House has been attacked with this poison.

In 2014, a man from Mississippi was jailed for 25 years for sending letters with ricin to President Barack Obama. Further, in 2018, a veteran of the Navy allegedly sent toxic letters to the White House and Pentagon.

Update on the current attack with ricin

FBI, along with the members of the Secret Service, are looking into the matter. The package came to the processing facility where mails are sent through.

The FBI reported that there was no threat to the public. However, the suspect might have sent ricin poison to five more places in Texas, including one of the jails and one of the sheriff’s offices.

On Saturday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported working with the FBI and investigating the suspicious letter. Further, one person from the police department of Texas said that they received an envelope. Thankfully, no one got hurt due to its presence.

Eddie Guerra, a sheriff from Hidalgo County, Texas, said that he got an envelope with ricin on it. The staff in the police station received it but no one was hurt.

RCMP team from Quebec is currently leading the search. They suspect a person living in the suburbs of Montreal. Further, the person might be linked to the main suspect.

Teams dealing with explosives and chemicals are on track along with fire units and local police. Moreover, the suspect will report to the court on Tuesday at Buffalo.


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