Why Not to Shop on Black Friday?

Black Friday 2018

Black Friday in the account of individual shopping at the big retail stores is under a subject matter of hilarious memes. Since it represents a battle picture where everyone is tread on the death. The huge rush at the stores makes a guilty scenario of uncultured consumerism.

This gives space to the emergence of several smaller or bigger reasons to avoid visiting stores in the peak Black Friday season. The most overhyped day I the season presents a scenario of Hunger Game that makes personal safety a first priority and necessity.

However, in actual if you really need to avail an amazing deal, there is no need to wait till November 23. In fact, those deals are not actual deals sometimes. Here are some other ways for getting out the rush in that day.

Shop on the day after Black Friday

It is named as Small Business Saturday, at this day customers are reassured for #ShopSmall. This also contributes to keeping the mom-and-pop shop culture alive for the customers.

Walking outside is free

The one and only organization that stands out in the crowd by throwing the deal of not being open on Black Friday. This is none other than REI. It actually reflects the concept of getting involved in recreation activities or just walking around to have some fresh air. In fact, an official hashtag is also made for it: #OptOutside.

Many Black Friday deals are early started

Here if you are still fond of availing the Black Friday deals. Then you must know that these deals start revealing earlier like from the start of November. So that time is much better to get discounts and deals rather than the 23rd November.  It will save your time and energy. Since the crowd is incredibly less than that of the day of Black Friday.

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Some other Amazing ‘deal days’

There are always deals offered by different retailers on random days. For instance, Target’s Electronic Deals, Best Buy’s Deal of the Day. So you can satisfy your discount deals from these deals.


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