Why MDX Is The God of SUV?

Acura MDX

The third-row luxury SUV starting at $ 44,200, has a wonderful performance with advanced features. It is powered by 3.5 liter v-6, or 3.0 later with 3 motor hybrid system.

The multifeatured 2018 Acura MDX SUV has great capabilities from accommodating more passengers to toughening out severe weather conditions.

A little more about that Gasoline Engine

The total system output from the gasoline engine and the 3 electric motors is 321 hp and 289 ft-lb of torque. Intelligent hybrid electric motors can generate torque at either wheel in any driving situation, based on wheel slip, g-force, and other sensor feedback.

The car has 7-speed dual- clutch transmission with paddle shifters. The DCT unlike the CVT’s and torque converters used by other manufacturers in this segment is pure business, ripping through the gears with quickness and grace which operates without a torque converter, improving efficiency.

The 7-speed DCT can work in fully automatic mode, or it can be shifted manually via steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Enjoy Luxurious Ride in MDX SUV

MDX Offers luxurious interiors with premium comfort and convenience designed around the driver. It has one-touch smart slide access, an independent climate zone and heated seats available.  

Even after having a slender exterior, MDX’s third row has enough of legroom. The third-row passengers will have their own cupholders and seatback pockets. 14.9 cu. ft cargo space has been provided even when all the seats are in use.

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Third-row seatbacks can be easily raised according to one’s personal choice.  every seat has adjustable headrests.

In this exceptionally spacious car, you can fold the third row and second-row seats at 90 degrees and enjoy the storage bliss.

The car comes with a rear entertainment system. you can transform the second row into a cozy retreat.By using the split screen, people with different choices can watch different things. the collision mitigation braking system is awarded for those who can distract easily. It is programmed to provide visual alerts.

MDX is the perfect catch

Newly sculpted front fenders, a new hood, and LED mist lights with restyled gem eye headlamps. Tastefully creased sheet exterior looks stunning to eyes.

Chrome rocker panels, some extra lower-body trim, and a twin-tailpipe configuration in back help keep the look sporty. MDX has bold styling.

A diamond pentagon griddle is a perfect eye-catching design. jewel – eye headlights, Chrome dual exhaust and 20- inch wheel options, this SUV has it all.

Safest Car by IIHS

The car comes with multiple cameras and available radar system, so the car is ready for something ordinary. The 2018 MDX has been rated as top safety pick by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS).  

Extra braces are provided in the front corners to absorb the impact of collisions. Outer braces in MDX can transfer impact load towards the center of the frame and energy can be distributed along the cabin area more evenly.

The vehicle stability assist monitors the speed and steering angle. The VSA quickly apply brakes whenever overstepping or understeering is detected.

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Front and rear parking sensors are there to detect if the car is going close to an object.

Rear cross traffic monitor will alert if another vehicle is approaching from either side. and of course, airbags are there for a complete safety of the people inside the car.

So, if you are looking for an SUV with so many safety and luxury features, then Acura MDX should be high on your list.

The car offers value for money as the price and performance are extremely impressive. It may be lacking in the interior department, but it makes up for this loss with an exceptional driving experience.


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