Why Is The Christmas day Is Celebrated On 25th December!


The Christmas Holiday is celebrated each year to recall the memory of Christ Jesus birth. Christians assumed the Christ Jesus as a son of God. Therefore, “Christmas” word comes from the (Jesus) Mass of Christ.

The Mass service is famous among the Christians as where the Jesus dies for them. And after that, they came back to life. So, the service of Christ Mass always held after the sunset and before the sunrise of the next morning. So, the Christians have to celebrate the midnight. In this way, it is called Christmas the short form of Christ Mass.

Now, the “Christmas” is celebrated as an annual holiday in the entire World. Whatever the people are Christians or not. At that time the all friend and family make a get-together and recall all the good they have in their lives. All the people and the kids like to celebrate this holiday because it is a time to get and distribute the gifts among all.

The Day Of Christmas

Christmas celebrated in the entire World with wholeheartedly. But no one has any information about the real birthday of the Christ Jesus. No specific time and the date is mentioned in the Bible. In the early time, the Christians have several reasons about when the Christmas should be celebrated. In very ancient time the Christmas was celebrated on 25th December 336.

Besides all, there are several mores and values to celebrate the Christmas on 25th December. At early ages, the Christians believe that Mary announced that she would have a unique kid Jesus. It was the 25th of March. And from that date, the nine months are completed on 25th December. And the Jesus was dead on that day in his adulthood. Furthermore, Christians also believe that Jesus birth-day and the dead day are same. So they celebrate their Christmas on 25th December.


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