Why does Kylie Jenner want to get pregnant again in 2019?

kylie jenner and baby

Kylie and Travis Scott are planning to get pregnant again before the end of 2019. She gave birth to Stormi in February, 2018. Now the question is why she wants to have a new sibling of Stormi.

According to a source,  “She has always said she’d love to get pregnant before 2019 is done, so nobody would be surprised if she was. There was actually a moment this spring where she thought she was pregnant, but it ended up being a false alarm. She and Travis are not necessarily trying, but if it happens, it happens, and they’d be elated.”

The first pregnancy of Kylie Jenner -21 and Travis Scott-28 happened in a non-traditional way. Both were dating for a few weeks when Kylie came to know that she was expecting at the start of summer 2017

Why does Kylie Jenner want to get pregnant again?.

. “Kylie thrives as a mother and would love to have baby no. 2 sooner, rather than later,” our insider added. “She wants Stormi to have a sibling close to her age, and would love another girl so they could have a bond like she had with Kendall growing up.”

It means that Kylie doesn’t want her little daughter to feel alone in her childhood. She wants to have someone as she had in her childhood.

Kylie has a lot in her plate,  the cosmetic mogul is handling and growing her cosmetic business and that business turned her into a billionaire. She has to raise her sweet little girl Stormi who recently secured a position on the cover page of Harper Bazaar Arabic.  In that cover photo, Stormi appeared with her mother and grand-mother.


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