When Will Attack On Titans Season 4 Air After The Finale of AOT Season 3!

All details about the ending of AOT Season 3 and upcoming Season 4!

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titans is one of the best Hollywood anime. Fans are waiting for its more and more sequels. As all of you may know that AOT Season 3 is going on now. But soon it will be going to its finale. And after that fans are predicting AOT Season 4 as soon as possible. Because they are now addicted to those titans and the fight between them.

Attack on Titans season 3 has surpassed all the brilliance it had shown in the previous two seasons. Any of the favorite characters can die and is full of cliffhangers. This keeps viewers going and is a must watch who love to see an unpredictable death sequence.

The action scenes are really awesome. The story is gripping. Fans predict that Season 3 is the best. Then is season 1 and lastly season 2, just because season 2 is much more like a build-up to what’s coming next.

The conspiracy within ‘the wall’ and the threat on outskirts of ‘the wall’ is simply thrilling. AOT keeps you guessing and brings a serious, grown-up approach. Every little detail matters and the show acts as a puzzle and it keeps putting in one piece at a time. It really pulls at the dedication and human nature when tested.

When Will AOT Season 3 Will End

As the show makers have announced that the Attack on Titans Season 3 will explore 22 episodes. So next week on 17th June episode 20 will air. So it is expected that the season will end within the month of June. As it has only 3 episodes left.

When Will Attack On Titans Season 4 Release

It is rumored that AOT Season 4 may be the last sequel of the series. And the series of Attack On Titans will be ended within the season 4. Therefore, showrunners are planning for something bigger and amazing in season 4.

However, it is estimated that AOT Season 4 will premiere in somewhere 2020. And reports are explaining that the new season 4 will air in April 2020.


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