When Immortals Season 2 is coming on Netflix: Cast, Release Date, previous Story line!

Immortals season 2

Immortals is an original Turkish season which first releases by BluTV and then comes on Netflix. As all of you know, Netflix is an international distributor and always brings exciting series for viewers. Turkish TV shows have popularity all over the world.

Moreover, many people love to see vampires movies or dramas.

So here I will tell you one of the best Turkish Vampire seasons which created by Christopher Zawadzki. The first season has come, and fans are desperately waiting for second seasons.

Let’s talk about Immortals Season 2, its cast, release date, and storyline of the previous season, and when the second season will be available on Netflix.

What happened in last season

We see in the first season; Mia goes to Istanbul for tracking down Dmitry.
Dmitry is a vampire who bites her and turned Mia into her form.

Mia can change into her human form if she kills Dimitry. Moreover, Kamran is also another vampire, and he helps Mia to complete her mission.

Though Dimitry tells her when she closes her mission, Numel made her vampire, and he did because you were on the edge of death. Eventually, they fell in love with each other.
Numel decides to kill himself, and before that, he said to Mia.

“I will give you whatever you want. I will give up my life. Then, you can live again,”

However, later on, Mia knows Dimtry was aware of all the truth and was playing her.

What will happen in the next season

There is no official story of Immortals Season 2 released from Netflix. Numel has died, and Mia’s luck hangs in the balance. However, it is a story of a war between Vampires and Humans.

Who will be in immortals season 2

Cast Stars: Elcin Sangu, Kerem Bursin, Birkan Sokullu.

Well, everyone wants to see those stars who already have appeared in season One.
Elcin Sangu is a playing a role of Mia, Kerem Bursin as Dmitry and Birkan Sokullu appeared as Numel.

However, some new cast member may also come but yet there is no official cast list released by Netflix.

When Immortals Season 2 is coming

First, the series released in September 2018 in Turkey. Meanwhile, Immortals Season 1 episodes uploaded on Netflix on 8th March 2019.

Fans are excited to see the next season two of Immortals and ask about it’s the release date.

According to the previous pattern, the first show will release in Turkey in 2019. Afterward, it is predicting that the Immortals Season 2 episodes will upload on Netflix in Spring 2020.

Episodes of Immortals Season 2

Immortals Season 1 contains eight chapters. Therefore, it is expecting that the second season will also provide eight episodes.


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