When I Am The Night Season 2 is Coming

When I Am The Night

I Am the Night is a fascinating American series. Season 1 was released on 27 January 2019. The story follows the uncertain life of Fauna Hodel. If you don’t know what happened in season 1, just read and comprehend. Moreover, we will tell you about when I am the night season 2 is coming.

CastStars: Chris Pine, India Eisley, Jefferson Mays, Jamie Anne Allman, Connie Nielsen, Leland Orser, Yul Vazquez, Jay Paulson, Golden Brooks, Monique green, Justin Cornwell, Dylan Smith.

 What happened in “I Am the Night Season 1”

I am the Night is an American television series. The story made on the record of Fauna Hodel documentary in which she tells about her unusual beginnings and the connection with her grandfather. Jimmie Lee adopts her and protects her true identity.

But, she revealed her character when she finds her birth certificate. Fauna search for her birth mother and father and contact with an infamous gynecologist, Dr. George Hodel who is her real grandfather.

He invites her in Los Angeles. She goes on that journey with Chris pine who plays a role as jay Singletary.n Jay is a suicidal journalist and knows about an article that against George Hodel

Moreover, Her grandfather is a physician in Los Angeles and involve in unsolved crimes. Corinna Hodel is second divorce wife of George who receives Fauna in Los Angeles. Furthermore, she tells she belongs to a white family and warns her of the effects if she continues the investigation.

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While Fauna tries to find information about her birth mother and one day she finds an address in Corinna’s book. So, she tells Jay that her Tmar is in Hawaii. As a result, they decide to support each other and go to Hawaii.

After reaching Hawaii, Tamar reveals an unbelievable truth. She tells George is also her father and raped her when she was just a teenager.

Fauna turns to Noveda when she hears George Hodel injured her adoptive mother. George orders the Corinna to give drugs Fauna. Moreover, he kidnaps her and takes to his basement.

At that time, she knows George is an infamous Black Dahlia murderer. He plans for Fauna to rape her and kill her. He paints the portrait of all his victims.

Release Date of second season “I Am the Night”

I Am the Night Season 1 released on 28 January 2019 as well as the first episode aired on 27 January 2019. There is no official news about its renewed show.

Meanwhile, I hope that I am the Night second season will release sometime in 2021. Director of this series Patty Jenkins said this story has a lot of secrets but the second season will be so bright and positive.


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