What to Know and How to React When Facing DUI Charges?


The authorities must have probable cause to suspect you have been driving under the influence of liquor first before they can charge you for DUI. The police will almost certainly take roadside sobriety tests at the detention scene to help them validate the arrest. If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, the police will drive you to the nearest hospital or jail, where they will identify and fingerprint you. What to do when you are facing DUI Charges? Read this blog.

Arrest and Booking

You would almost certainly not even be driving yourself back if you get caught driving while under the influence. You will almost certainly be arrested at the moment and taken to the police station. When you arrive, the cops will take you into custody. The procedure can get daunting at this point, and a lot will happen at once.

Following the booking procedure, make sure to schedule a free appointment with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Receiving the most out of your free legal consultation will mean you sleep sure that you’re dealing with the correct person for your situation and that you’re making the best possible result.

Portable Breath Test

At the time of your arrest, you may request to breathe into a Portable Breath Tester (PBT) machine. The cops will be using the findings of the PBT in trial to establish reasons to prosecute you if they prove you will be over the legal amount of.08.

On the other hand, the PBT results are not admissible in a DUI case; therefore, refusing to blow into the PBT will not result in just about any penalty against your driver’s license. Your failure to do the roadside sobriety tests will not result in any negative consequences for your driver’s license.

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Do not resist

You must follow the cop’s instructions while maintaining your calm. They will check you thoroughly for being under the influence of liquor or anything else. At the moment, doing as told is the best way to handle the situation; however, after that, you can ask to make a call to your attorney or anyone else. 

Only reputable and experienced Tampa DUI attorneys can guide you through this. Having little or no knowledge about DUI cases can cause you a lot of problems when encountering such situations. That is why you must consider hiring the best attorney for your case. Be smart and think whenever you go through such situations. 

Contact a Lawyer

You must call competent DUI attorneys as soon as you get charged for a DUI. The cops are unlikely to Mirandize you if you are apprehended. You always have rights, notwithstanding this. When cops begin to ask you inquiries that go beyond basic personally identifiable information, it’s likely to contact an attorney. Understand that whatever you say in a criminal court can and would be used against you.

Contacting a lawyer is one of the smartest moves if you get arrested. They have the knowledge and expertise to help. 



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