What To Expect From A Personal Injury Attorney

What Expect Personal Injury Attorney

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Attorney. Where you have been injured in some sort of accident then it is likely that you will want to appoint a Stamford Personal Injury Attorney to handle the case for you. For those people who have never worked with a law professional before, we have put together a list of things that you should expect from them.

Detailed Questioning 

In order for the attorney to get a good understanding of your case, they will ask you a number of highly detailed and somewhat personal questions. Without all of this information, they will not be able to establish if you have a strong claim that is actually worth pursuing. They also need to be fully informed so that if it goes to court, they are able to dismiss any claims that are made against you.

Challenging Of Your Story

So that you can get your story straight and consistent, the attorney will challenge you on all aspects of it. This is something that would be done by the defense if the case makes it to court so it is good to iron this all out early on. You may be challenged on the validity or truth of some of the statements that you have made in order to find any weaknesses that are present in your case.

A Long Wait

The great majority of personal injury cases take quite some time to be resolved. This is because things like getting medical treatment and fully recovering from all of your injuries can take many weeks, if not months. Depending on how complex and complicated your case is, it may require many hours of research to be conducted and back and forth negotiations with the other party. Where a mutual agreement is not come to, then the case will have to go to court, meaning an even longer wait for an outcome.

Sensible Expectations

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Be prepared to not always like what the attorney has to say regarding your case. This is because they have to be objective and realistic about the chance of your claim being successful. As part of the process that will state what the very best and very worst scenarios could be so be prepared for this. There may be certain scenarios or issues where they believe that you should not be fighting them. In these instances, trust their expert opinion, even if you do not agree.

Contingency Fee

Most attorneys that handle personal injury claims do so based on earning a contingency fee. This means that they only get paid should your case be successful and you are awarded some sort of financial compensation. The attorney will then take a pre agreed amount of this money as their fee. The first meeting that you have with the attorney they will likely go through what all of their fees are and what you are responsible for paying and when.

By reading and digesting all of the above, there should be no shocks or surprises when it comes to working with a personal injury attorney.


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