What is SGX Nifty: Everything You Need to Know


SGX or Singapore Exchange is considered one of the premier stock exchanges in Asia. It‘s a movement on which reflects in other stock indices in the continent. SGX Nifty is a Singapore Stock Exchange Nifty, meaning the Indian CNX Nifty transacted in Singapore Exchange. It’s a popular derived product of Singapore Exchange, enabling foreign investors to take a position within the Indian market.

But, it’s simpler to comprehend the terminology after we break it down. The term SGX Nifty is composed of two sectors:

  • SGX – Singapore Stock Exchange
  • Nifty – The benchmark index of the National Stock Exchange. It is composed of fifty of the biggest corporations listed on the NSE.

Once you combine them, you will get SGX Nifty that’s nothing but the Indian CNX Nifty transacted in the Singapore Stock Exchange. SGX Nifty is considered an excellent product for investors who cannot access the Indian markets but wish to take up a position within the Indian industry. Therefore, they don’t need to register or set up along with the Indian authorities. Further, hedge funds who take up exposures within the Indian marketplace are finding it practical too to hedge their exposures there.

Benefits of SGX Nifty

Nifty 50 is traded in the middle of 9:15 AM IST and 3:30 PM IST while SGX Nifty is traded between 6:30 AM IST to 11:30 PM IST. Thus, since the longer time of timing, SGX Nifty offers real-time SGX Nifty price of Nifty 50.

What’s more, during holidays throughout India, SGX Nifty presents indicative prices on international market movements. In short, it offers cues on how Nifty 50 will open the following trading day in India.

SGX Nifty Live Futures Chart

The SGX Nifty live chart is always updated, as the data is fetched live from Singapore exchange. This helps in knowing the overnight volatility as well as high low of SGX Nifty Futures. The chart is hugely tailored as per person’s preferences and could be viewed in five minutes, thirty minutes, or sixty minutes period. SGX nifty chart shows a graphical representation of the volatility and price behavior of SGX Nifty efficiently.

SGX Nifty Live Contract

Below is the derivative contract size of every SGX Nifty Future:

Contact Size = 2 USD x Current Price of Nifty Index future price

The minimum price movement of the futures contract is $1, meaning it’s equivalent to 0.5 SGX Nifty Live price movements. Did you know that trading contractors are composed of two types? This includes Quarterly Contracts and Monthly Contracts.

The majority of the volume is focused on monthly contracts. These contracts are accessible for the three ensuing months. For example, in November, which means trading can take place in November, December, and January contracts.

On the other hand, its quarterly contracts are March, June, September as well as December. These contracts are cash that is based on the closing price of S & P Nifty Index as on 3:30 PM Indian time or 6:00 PM Singapore time. Moreover, the closing price of Nifty Index is grounded on the average of the last thirty minutes of trading and isn’t the final traded price of the index.


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