What Is a Shisha Pen and How To Choose One?

Shisha Pen

Shisha has quite a history; initially, it was smoked using traditional devices which never regulated the amount of smoke that one inhaled. At that time, a lot of criticism accompanied shisha due to its detrimental health effects. Thanks to technology, things have changed. Today, people are using shisha pens, which if used the right way, is safe. More information can be found here, regarding the benefits of shisha pens over the traditional shisha smoking devices.

What is a shisha pen?

To understand shisha pens better, you need to know how they work. If you have come across e-cigarettes, then you might have a slight clue of how shisha pens work. It is, however, worth noting that the two devices are different. Starting with the size, shisha pens tend to be much bigger than e-cigarettes or vape pens. The vaporizing technology is basically the same. There is one interesting difference. For e-cigarettes, their life depends on how long the device stays on. On the other hand, the life of a shisha pen is determined by the number of puffs you take. Most shisha pens hold between 200-800 puffs.

How to get the right shisha pen

Shisha pens have become popular, and several manufacturers are distributing them. This does not mean that you can trust them all. There is one main thing that you need to be looking at when buying a shisha pen: the batteries

This might come as a surprise, but, a low voltage battery would be a better option than a high voltage one. Why? Well, it is believed that a low voltage battery brings forth a more enjoyable shisha experience. High voltage battery results in more carcinogens being inhaled, making the process hazardous to the health. If you find a shisha pen with a battery that has adjustable temperature settings, the better.

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Once you are done with the batteries, the other thing that you should be concerned with is the oil. The shisha oil should neither be too thick nor too thin. A consistency too thick may contain chemicals that are not good for your body. Also, ensure that it does not have carcinogenic additives.

When buying shisha pens, the same rules apply, ensure that you buy from a vendor you can trust. Also, ensure that it is made of durable material. With the few tips above, nothing should stop you from enjoying your shisha experience.


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