What Does Good Girls Season 3 Has in Bag For You?

Good Girls Season 3

‘Good Girls’ is about three sad mothers who are trying their best to make their both ends meet in their resources but find it impossible, hence fall into the deep dark world of crime.

Characters: Beth, Annie, and Ruby are the main characters of these comedy-crime series. One thing that unites them all is their financial crisis and endeavors to overcome this phase.

  • Beth’s husband Dean not only cheated on her but also uses his finances quite irresponsibly. He is a car salesman.
  • Anne works in a store and is a single mom who is trying hard to make her both ends meet perfectly. Owing to her low finances, she can see losing her child’s custody coming quite fast.
  • Ruby’s  Sara has a kidney disorder for which she has to get a whopping amount of money.

So basically, all these protagonists are in dire need of money out of their genuine reasons but they seem to be unable to collect it from their sources.

Episode Guide: Season 2 of ‘Good Girls’ began airing on March 3, 2019. Season 2 like Season 1 consists of 10 episodes.

Now, as far as the next season is concerned, we are not very confident about its renewal prospects.

Release Date: Since the ratings and viewership did not bear much fruit in the previous two seasons, chances are NBC might pull the plug out on the show. Anything said now could be too early, so fans will have to hold on till the end of May 2019 for NBC to officially announce anything.

However, rumors are, the third season of Good Girls can release somewhere in March, 2020.

Star Cast: Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman

Producer: Jenna Bans


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