What Can You Do With An Education In Communication?

Education In Communication

Al professionals are taught that certain soft skills are necessary to develop no matter their occupation. These soft skills include critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other capabilities. However, effective communication is the most important quality you can develop. Students can enhance their communication capabilities by pursuing a degree in this subject. So, getting a proper education in communication won’t just make you better at conversing with people, but also hone your writing skills. Let’s see what kind of jobs you can land with a degree in communication in 2023.

Nine jobs for communication majors

What do you learn when pursuing a degree in communication? You learn about advertising, media management, content writing, and various other subjects. You learn how to convey a message to people as effectively as possible.

Most jobs you become eligible for with a degree in communication involve marketing. Since media jobs are projected to increase by 4% in the next decade, you should consider an online degree in communication. But should you obtain a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree?

Distance learning has made it easier for students to acquire an education. They pursue their academic programs remotely and don’t have to spend much on commute. However, since almost 78% of students in a communication-related have a bachelor’s degree, it makes for you to earn a higher one. That’s why students today are pursuing an online master of communication management to master communication theories. Now, learn to create and execute communication strategies via distance learning to get these jobs:

  • Journalist

Salary:- $50,000 annually

Growth:- 6% this decade

One of the careers you can earn with an education in communication involves journalism. A person can combine this degree with one in journalism to become more eligible for media jobs. Your job will involve reporting everyday events and covering important political situations in the country. You can even work as a freelancer and sell stories to major TV channels. Moreover, you can work in print journalism or write for fashion/sports magazines. Keep writing to become better at this.

  • Event planner

Salary:- $50,000 annually

Growth:- 18% this decade

Event planning involves public dealing, negotiating for better prices, and arranging large events for a client. All these skills can come from pursuing a degree in communication. Moreover, you must hone your advertising skills to promote an event while fine-tuning every detail to make it successful and memorable. Becoming an event planner requires combining your writing acumen with PR skills to plan a proper event. You can easily excel in this career, as apparent from its 18% expected growth.

  • HR specialist

Salary:- $55,000 annually

Growth:- 8% this decade

An education in communication prepares you for a career in human resources (HR). So, your job will involve interacting with employees, recruiting new ones, and making the workplace healthier for all of them. You will serve as a bridge between employers and employees. Moreover, HR professionals train recruits, draft guidelines, and convey company policies to them. Since you must also deliver these policy changes verbally, you should be good at public speaking since you must also deliver these policy changes verbally, you should be good at public speaking, TED talks leadership coaching, and dealing. 

  • PR specialist

Salary:- $63,000 annually

Growth:- 11% this decade

Every organization wants to improve its reputation, and many businesses hire PR managers to hone their perception. You won’t just find work in the corporate sector, but can also find employment with NGOs, schools, and individuals. Your job involves writing press releases, managing social media avatars, and organizing PR events. These events may include press conferences and work your magic to maintain your client’s brand values.

  • Social media manager

Salary:- $55,000 annually

Growth:- 10% this decade

97% of Fortune 500 companies have a social media presence right now. Many small-sized businesses also leverage social media platforms to attain more visibility. So, you can find many employment opportunities as a social media manager. You’ll be responsible for managing your client’s social media accounts and community management. Many people are also doing social media management for clients remotely as well.

  • Copywriter

Salary:- $68,000 annually

Growth:- 9% this decade

Many communication degree-holders become copywriters to handle written advertising campaigns for private organizations. You can even work as a freelancer in marketing. Copywriting deals with everything from writing campaign slogans to creating blogs, speeches, and eBooks. Now, this job requires excellent writing skills, both technical and creative. You may also edit the stuff your peers have written and proofread their articles. But it’s a fun job, particularly for freelancers.

  • Brand manager

Salary:- $104,000 annually

Growth:- 10% this decade

Brand managers analyze customers’ reactions based on different factors and create communication-focused advertising campaigns. The main focus of brand managers is to protect brands from negative public perception. Moreover, you evaluate the ads made by the marketing department to ensure it aligns with brand messages.

  • Speechwriter

Salary:- $70,000 annually

Growth:- 4% this decade

Almost all politicians need speech writers and graduating with a major in communication makes you eligible for these job openings. It’s all about assessing the politician’s personality and understanding the kind of nature the politician is addressing. Your job will involve writing the right words at the right time for the right people. You can leverage your communication capabilities to win over a crowd with words on your employer’s behalf. It’s an adventurous career for folks.

  • Sales representative

Salary:- $65,000 annually

Growth:- 2% this decade

Many students often neglect considering this career for their future. However, the real estate sector can be an excellent opportunity for them. So, communication degree holders should consider sales as their career choice. This job involves representing the products sold by your employer and being a mode of communication between the brand and the customers.


Communication degree-holders can work in various careers after they have finished their education. Major companies are always hiring mass communication majors for advertising, marketing, and branding careers. So, what sort of careers can you obtain with this degree? You can now become a copywriter if you’ve graduated with a degree in communication. Become an event planner or a brand manager. Turn into a sales representative, a journalist, or a copywriter. You can even become a speech writer for a major politician. It means there’s no lack of careers you can obtain with a degree in a major as wonderful as communication. So, pursue an online master’s degree in their subject.


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