Weight Loss: Ultimate Performance’s personal trainer explains the three key exercise to burn belly fat

weight loss

As we know to lose weight is a difficult task. Diet plans create a calorie deficit through an exercise and healthy balanced diet. However, what we can do for reducing body fat in one particular place.?

Many training experts say spot training in this way is not possible. Aroosha nekonam, a personal trainer at Ultimate performance, explains the cornerstone of fat loss comes down to creating a deficit through proper nutrition and exercise.

According to Arusha, some exercises have proven to come up top for getting rid of excess fat and long term weight loss. Resistance training helps shift fat, build muscle tissue, and keep weight loss for the long term.

She advises that something can be achieved through everyday activities. By increasing daily and weekly activity levels such as walking, shopping, or playing with the children are helpful to structure cardio sessions.

She also Explains, An excellent daily step target is 10,000 steps that are helpful to lose weight. Further, she says, being active and follows this step every day are more useful to burn fat, especially belly fat.

Therefore, increasing daily activity with progressive resistance training really maximizes your fat loss potential and speed up the results.

Aroosha recommended, ” continuing weight training exercises several times per week to keep weight maintain. Compound exercises three times a week, along with maintaining a calorie deficit diet is really useful to burn belly fat.”

She shares the three critical exercises for seeking fat loss in which a hip hinge movement, a pull, and a press included.


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