Ways To Go Into Labor Tonight Everything You Need To Know

ways to go into labor tonight

You hold the baby for a long 40 weeks. It is more than 39 weeks-ish. You are ready to have your baby now. Everything is set aside, bags are packed, you are at the hospital, or the emergency ambulance is ready for any moment. However, you haven’t seemed to have any contractions. You can feel the baby wanting to come out. It wiggles and kicks at your belly now and then. So what are you supposed to do? What can speed up the process? Is there any way to induce labor naturally? What are the ways to go into labor tonight? 

It is you and your body to decide when your baby will come out. There are several ways you can indulge your body to induce naturally. However, make sure you talk to your doctor thoroughly and inform them of every move you make. You know the drill, girl. You are going to be a Mama and don’t want your tiny infant having any trouble. 

Below is a list of natural ways you can go into labor tonight without facing any problems. Let’s jump right into it. 

Natural ways to go into labor tonight:

Follow the below-mentioned process and find the perfect one that suits you. 


This is a tough time, so relaxation is crucial to induce labor. The famous midwife Ina Mae Gaskin put so nicely the importance of relaxation during the time.

She tried to bring the example of animals. At the last stage of the pregnancy, animals hide from everyone and try to protect their babies. This is a natural defense technique to feel secure and maintain the contractions perfectly.

Similar to this, the human body wants the same comfort and safety. It wants to feel secure during birth. So that it can release oxytocin and help the body go into labor; in short, try to have some rest or try to get yourself pampered at least. 


Following the thread, your body might need some peace in all the chaos inside you. We know that; we feel you. But your body might want some mental shift to have active labor.

Hence, meditation can be the solution for you. Moreover, we talked about relaxation! You can get both by doing so. Midwife Ina May Gaskin can share an end number of stories on this. 


Well, It might sound crazy. You must be thinking of having sex out of the blue, which is the least possible thing you like to do during this time. We know it, but research has shown that your partner’s semen can induce labor. Since semen contains high prostaglandins to stimulate the contraction of uterine muscles (cervix), several five following ejaculations can induce labor. 

Similarly, orgasm can also do the same. It can stimulate the muscle of the uterus and release the oxytocin hormone. In summary, having sex may be your least wanted thing; however, it had benefits in inducing labor. 

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In contrast, you need loads of semen to affect the cervix wall for contraction. Two following studies, one Dr. Schaffir in 2006 and two, researchers in Malaysia, 2007 found that sex does not affect inducing labor. It delays labor. That’s why make sure you talk with your doctor about it. Keep all this aside; if you want to have sex, you can. There is nothing wrong with this. 

Nipple stimulation:

You might be laughing reading this, but trust me, it has proven that nipple stimulation can induce labor. There are some hospitals where midwives plump breasts to get you to labor. If you are at home, your partner can help you with this one for sure. Moreover, you can use nipple extenders as well. 

Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: 

Occasionally, midwives suggest you drink raspberry leaf tea to get started with regulating the uterus to make the delivery process straightforward. Following that, in the second trimester gestation period drinking a bit higher in concentrations may help get the momentum going. It also helps to reduce aches and to calm the nerves. That’s why I try drinking frequently.

Order the Pizza right away: Ways to Go into Labor Tonight

There are many restaurants to serve ‘ special labor-inducing pizza.’ Many claim the extra toppings have the potential to help the labor going. The main factor is spiciness. It is a myth that spicy food helps you stimulate labor.

In contrast, it stimulates your digestive system and sometimes may help contract the cervix by containing prostaglandins. Again, you don’t want to suffer from indigestion; eat your favorite Pizza, and call it a day.

Eat Dates:

Eating dates at your final week of pregnancy is beneficial, and it’s true. It helps to reduce the intervention rate and helps inducing labor. Moreover, it increases cervical contraction and regulates labor. 

A good massage:

Indeed, there are specific pressure points in our body where a gentle massage can help. During the early stage of pregnancy, massage therapists ignore some pressure points. But in the final week, your body meets maturity. Massage on those specific points releases oxytocin and helps labor going. It also helps to reduce stress and pain. 

See A Chiropractor:

In the situation when you are about to have a baby, seeing a chiropractor might scare you. But adjusting your spine can help you.

An experienced chiropractor will be very careful and gentle with your body and adjust the spine at the right spot. It may help your body ready for the day and open up quickly for the baby to come out. 

Take a Walk:

I know it is tough to move your body an inch, but darling, walking helps to speed up the labor process. A good, slow, long walk helps the baby to come into position. The baby starts putting pressure on the wall of the cervix and wants to come out.

This increases the release of oxytocin and speeds up the process. Be careful, don’t waste all your energy—still a big hurdle to cross. The delivery can be smooth or a lengthy endeavor.


Instead of carrying the fear and staying hopeless, try acupuncture. It is a scientific method to penetrate your skin with tiny, thin, metallic needles. It will help your body to release prostaglandins and the electric signal to open up the body easily. 

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Dance with the Baby:

Similar to walking, you can also dance with the baby. Of course, gently. It helps the baby, even more, to drop and position at the pelvic. It helps to release oxytocin and induce labor.

FAQs: Ways to Go into Labor Tonight

1: Do bananas help induce labor?

Answer: This is anecdotal. There are several foods such as spicy dishes, bananas, and pineapples that might affect labor. But this is the only narrative. At the same time, these foods will stimulate acid reflux. That might cause future problems during pregnancy. Therefore, consider avoiding them.  

2: Can a warm bath induce labor?

Answer: To be honest, there is no logical evidence to this statement. However, you can take a warm bath during pregnancy. But be careful; too much hot water can cause difficulty in the baby’s blood flow, which will lead to distress. Make sure the temperature is not more than 98 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3: How do you feel 24 hours before labor?

Answer: This is the last stage of pregnancy. Usually, 24 to 48 hours before low back pain, diarrhea, water breaking, and other symptoms arise. 

4: Where do you massage to induce labor?

Answer: You should massage on L14. It is placed backside of your hand and within the webbing of your pointing finger and thumb. Giving a gentle massage can give comfort. 

5: How can I naturally induce labor?

Answer: To increase oxytocin levels, the natural way is to stimulate the nipple. You may hear of the hormone that contains synthetic doppelgänger, Pitocin, which physicians usually use to help induce labor. Oxytocin is a hormone that tells your body to start contractions, labor, and direction and send such a signal into your delivery. 

6: Will pumping induce labor?

Answer: One of the natural ways to induce labor is using a breast pump. It can help you start managing your labor contractions. A 40-week pregnant woman or those who passed the date can opt for this process. The hack is that pumping your breasts and nipple stimulation can increase the levels of the hormone oxytocin in your body, which induces labor. 

7: Does rubbing castor oil on the belly induce labor?

Answer: There is no harm in using castor oil. It can be said here that it was not particularly effective in initiating labor in both the mother and the child. It was beneficial in the beginning in terms of labor. But even then, it was used for the cause of painful contractions.

Final Thoughts of Ways to Go into Labor Tonight

We talked about this earlier and repeated this. Before you try anything to induce your labor, talk to your doctor, a good physician, or a healthcare provider. Don’t take any risk; hear me out, please don’t. 

Although these methods are prevalent among pregnant women, what suits others might not suit you. Further, look into the scientific methods and evidence at first.

To conclude, let the baby and your body set the perfect date to come out. I know you are having pain but endure one or two weeks more. 

If you find this article helpful, share with whom needs it the most. Again, if you have any questions or queries, let us know in the comment section. We wish you luck and your baby. Good day!


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