Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Car

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Ways To Boost The Value Of  Your Car

Are you all set to sell your car? But are you aware that those stains, dim lights, dangling paint chips could degrade the trade-in value of your car? But not to worry about it, because there are a few tips that you can follow to boost your car’s value.

  1. Inside jobs

When preparing your car for sale, the interior matters a lot. If your car’s floor mats have become worn or have faded out then get them replaced with new ones. Otherwise, if in a good condition then even getting them cleaned could also work. Keeping all interior shiny and clean including upholstery could definitely increase your vehicle’s worth.


Simply getting your car waxed and polished could help retain your car’s value. Thus wash your car thoroughly and preserve your car’s brightness by using wax and polish at proper intervals.

  1. Bright lights

Dingy headlights could curb the appeal of your car thus reducing its value. That is why getting them replaced and repaired is a good idea, and a lot of customised headlight cleaning products are available in the market which could help in keeping them clear and bright.

  1. Shiny wheels

Wheels with good shape and shine increase your vehicle’s potential value. So if your tyres have less or no treads get them replaced and if good,  get them cleaned. You can also apply tire shine products available in the market on sidewalls to make them look new and shiny.

  1. Get rid of dents, dings and scratches
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Invest to enhance the exterior finish of your car. The appearance of dents scratches or any kind of visible imperfection could degrade the value of your car. These simple repairs could be done at a pocket-friendly price and many of the minor ones could be hidden with a simple task of polishing.

6.Windshield chips/cracks

If your car windshield is chipped or cracked, it could bring about a fall in the value your car fetches. Then getting them repaired by your own could be a great idea.


Sometimes adding extra gadgets and customizing the car could boost the value of your car. You can jazz up your car with accessories such as Bluetooth devices, cameras, DVD players. Embedding them in it will add to its efficacy thus enhancing its overall sale value.

  1. Keep All Your Paperwork

Keeping all documents related to the car safely and organized shows the prospective buyer that you cared for your car. Also, this could act as evidence indicating that your car is well maintained.

Finally when done with all this, now you are ready to get sold. But when you are looking to get the highest sale value particularly in the UAE region, then cashyourcaruae is a one-stop destination offering you a quick and best price for your car in the market. Moreover, to ease your car registration renewal process log onto renewmycarregistration, they offer you hassle-free services by just booking an appointment with them.


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