How much water does it take to dilute a drug test?

Dilute a drug test

Dilution is the action of reducing the concentration of drug or drug metabolites in the sample. This is accomplished by adding large amounts of fluid to add fluid to the sample or dilute the sample, known as “internal dilution”. One thing that is unanimously agreed upon when it comes to doing a urine drug test for THC, you should always drink plenty of water just before the test. Every other method has its supporters and inhibitors, but no one will deny this work, and is fine. Drug test is about achieving your urinary THC metabolite levels below the cutoff of beating concentration.

Although, it is widely known that people try to dilute their urine as they consume drugs and try to flush out their systems. Doing so can change the urine test results and lead to a diluted drug test.

You must have heard that drinking a lot of water before a drug test can pass you without any trouble. Passing the drug test is about reducing the concentration of THC metabolite from your urine. It is true that drinking too much liquid increases urine output but does not significantly increase THC excretion.

Drinking lots of water or any fluids before a drug test will only dilute your urine. There is a big risk behind this practice as the lab will dilute your sample and eventually reject it causing you to retake the test. Therefore, it is not considered the most reliable option to pass the drug test, but still, you can give it a try if you know the correct level of hydration. You can learn better ways to pass in this synthetic urine review

What should be the ideal hydration rate?

Usually, people recommend that keeping the body hydrated for 3 hours before the test is good for passing the test. It is even more effective to initiate it 6 hours before the test and to urinate a few times before delivering the specimen and it has a greater chance of approving the test. It is important to urinate at least 3 times before the test to ensure that your urine does not look too thin. Drinking water between 0.5 liters and 1 liter per hour is the recommended rate of hydration.

Your body shape also plays an important role in determining the exact hydration rate required to pass the test. Your kidney cannot release more than 1 liter in an hour, so drinking more than this will freeze water in your system. 

How to prevent your urine sample from being rejected?

As previously mentioned, hyperhydration will make your urine sample thinner which may get rejected during testing. Instead, we recommend Quick Fix synthetic urine kit for passing drug tests, as well as specialized detox drinks and pills.


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