Walking Dead Season 10: Details about the joining of new cast stars

walking dead season 10

During the Walking deas panel, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd stated that Kevin Carroll and Thora Birch would join the cast of the highly popular zombie show. It is the most anticipated show and season 10 is on the way.

The walking dead actually features of the struggle of people and navigate their lives through a zombie apocalypse. Zombies are referred to as walkers.

Rick Grimes is the major character of the walking dead played by Andre Lincoln. He also performs as Sheriff’s Deputy who wakes up from a coma and finds out the world is shattered.

Zombie-themed show is the favorite fan show off the walking dead. Thora Birch is well famous for her role in American beauty. He will play the role of Gamma, who is one of the whisperers and overprotective of Alpha.

Besides, Carrol is known for his appearance in ” The Leftovers’ and portray the character of Virgil. He looks to be wanting back home to his family.

The producer is highly excited about the new additions in the show. Moreover, he is also looking forward to the fans reaction about them.

The Walking Dead Season 10 will display on 6th October 2019. The comic panel announced this release date itself.


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