Vivo Adb Format Tool A Complete Guide

Vivo ADB format tool

The Vivo smartphone users often fall into trouble where they are unable to bypass their FRP lock. Along with FRP, other issues might make their user experience worse. Don’t worry; we have already found the solution here. Vivo ADB format tool can easily tackle all the problems and turn your device like before.

So in this article, we will exhibit how to install the Vivo ADB format tool and how to use the Vivo ADB format tool. Besides those two guides, we all show the features of the Vivo ADB format tool and some additional information.

If you go through this article, we assure you that you will get rid of the problem in a very short time.

Vivo ADB format tool

Vivo ADB format tool 2021 is a special function or software for Vivo device users. This functional tool usually helps to unlock passwords, any kind of locks or blocks. This software does not come with the device.

If you face any kind of problem during operating your phone, you can simply download this (A download link will be given). And afterward, follow the instructions to get rid of the problem.

In addition, the version of the software is available for different options, including windows. Even the installation process will be super easy, so nothing to worry about.

What can the Vivo ADB format tool do? Well, here are some bullet points related to the Vivo ADB format tool 2021. I hope that will be helpful

  • The most frightening problem we usually face is FRP lock. And without any doubt, that is not easy to get rid of. Surprisingly the new Vivo ADB format tool zip file would assist you in fighting against the problem. We mean you can easily solve the issue.
  • Another common mistake we used to make was to lock our phone and couldn’t remember the password. Even the password has a different variation pattern, pin, face. Whatever the lock type, you can easily knock that out with the ADB format tool 2021.
  • Apart from that, it has come with the User interface (UI) and Central processing unit supported (CPU) option. So there would not be any problem operating.

Let’s get to know about FPR.

What is particularly FPR in the mobile phone industry? I hope most of you know about this. But those who don’t know it is a lock system. The FPR simply stands for Factory Altered guard means it won’t allow your phone to do any unintentional factory resetting.

Let’s make it easier. Suppose your phone has been lost or been hijacked by someone. Now, who took your phone will try to erase all the data by factory resetting, right? In that case, the FPR won’t make that happen.

Because when someone gets into the Factory resetting option, the FPR will ask him for personal information like (Gmail ID or any other operating system ID). If the person fails to give the report, the FPR will protect the reset option, and nobody can erase the data easily.

How To Install Vivo ADB Format Tool

We will show the installation process through a PC or laptop. Vivo ADB format tool windows 10 64 bit is the most suitable version for installation. You also have to conduct this process on your personal computer.

Step 1 – The first job would be downloading the software. We already updated the software link, so go through that and save that in a specific file. Make sure you remember the file name where you save the software. (The file size would be more or less 30 MB)

Step 2 – AThiss a compressed file, so you have to unzip it before starting the installation process. To unzip the file, download any regular unzipper on your computer. When the file unzips, you can follow the auto instruction from the file.

Step 3 – Now it’s time to connect your phone through cable, especially USB-type cable. And confirm that you are using the right USB driver. If you use the wrong driver, then it won’t connect. So don’t take that lightly. However, if your phone is normally connected, then get inside into the FRP diversion tool.

Step 4 – Are you in the ADB erase tool? If yes, then you are only one step behind. Now you have to select the option called which will indicate to remove the switch, especially the FRP lock switch. Anyway, again make sure that your phone is properly connected to the PC.

Step 5 –  Finally, the process will be automatically finished. When it’s done, you will get a message shortly. After that, you can disconnect the phone from the PC. And officially, it is fixed.

How to Use the Vivo ADB Format Tool

If you install the tool on your PC without trouble, we are sure that you also remove the FRP lock button successfully. Well, now we will shortly discuss the process of using this tool on your phone. Honestly, this part would be a little tricky, so if you are a new user, then avoid this part.

Step 1 – Fix-it driver repair or MTK Drivers are two common sites you can find on the internet. Download any of them for further movement. Anyway, if you already have a suitable driver, then skip this part. In addition to those who don’t know where we’re going to use this, we use this to connect a device to our PC, where we download the tool earlier.

Step 2 – Switch off the device and enter the Recovery option. To enter the recovery option, you can press the Volume top button and power the on button altogether. If this does not work, then read the device guidebook.

Well, if you entered the function, you will probably see two options: one would be a reboot, and another would be recovery. Now enter the option called recovery. Don’t enter the reboot option; we don’t need that right now.

Step 3 – Inside the recovery, the function selects the advance option, and then clicks on the ADB rebooting option. When it is done, then you can tie up your phone to your PC and turn on the phone normally.

Step 4 – After you are sure that the phone has already been connected to the PC now you can open the tool from your PC. In the tool, you will see an option called port numbering or identical port numbering; click here and wait.

Step 5 – Now, you are on the final stage, where you have to bypass the FRP lock. Head to the diversion of the lock of FRP; you have to select the BTN2 option button. It will take longer, so stay calm for a minute or two. When it finishes, you will get a notification.

Features of the Vivo ADB Format Tool

  • Unpaid software – Vivo ADB format tool is totally unpaid, which means it’s free. You can download it without wasting any money. IF anybody offers to buy, then avoid the link.
  • Remove all FOR passwords – Any Kind of lock or block can be removed by this tool. So when you have such issues where you are being blocked, then use this tool.
  • PC friendly – You just have to download a suitable USB driver; other than that, everything will work into your PC smoothly. The recommended setup is Windows 10 (64 bit), but Windows 7, 8 will also work with the 32-bit option.
  • Detail info – Other than the bypass, this software will show you in-depth information about your phone, so that is a plus point.


ADB Format Tool

Download Link for Vivo ADB Format Tool

To download the tool, click here ADB Format Tool.


Q1: Which Vivo model device can support ADB Format Tool?

Ans: You don’t have to worry about that because it can support almost all android models.

We can confirm about the Vivo V series, Vivo Y series, Vivo Z series, Vivo S series, and all other latest devices.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the old series Vivo device. In that case, you have to talk to the customer care service or take help from the internet.

Q2: Can I run the Vivo ADB format tool Without any PC or laptop?

Ans: Unfortunately, that is not possible. To bypass your device, you connect the phone with any other PC or laptop. Another reason is the developer creates the PC-based software to fix the problem, so it’s important. Without a PC/laptop, it’s not possible yet.

Q3: Vivo ADB format tool for y81 y83 y83 download necessary?

Ans: The Vivo ADB format tool is not device model-based. It is the only software that can work for all the models. So if you are a user of this model y81 y83 y83, you don’t have to download any other software. Just the Vivo ADB format tool is enough.

Final Word

We have already shared all the necessary information and step by step guide about how to use the Vivo ADB format tool.  Not only that, we also include how to install the tool on your PC. Most importantly, we have attached the main link to the Vivo ADB format tool.

If you fix your problem by following the process, then congratulations, but if you are stuck in any specific stage, then let us know we will try to help.

Make sure you follow the additional suggestion while doing the work. Don’t skip any part and try again.


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