Valve Increased The Speed Of Leveling The Dota 2 Battle Pass

Battle Pass

The TI10 Battle Pass has been around for a week now. Valve has already listened to the community and made significant changes to it.

The update that was released today and although Valve stated that most players had earned more levels on average than previous years, they still want to improve the player experience.

Because of that reason, several things have been updated and increased.

Full list of changes:

  • The rewards from wagering are now 50% increased
  • Guild contracts now give 100% more battle point rewards
  • Gold received from Sideshop recycling is now increased by 65%
  • Sideshop gold for upgrades and Guild contracts are increased 100%

They also added they would grant extra gold to those who used the Sideshop recycle option previously to match the current returns.

The Dota 2 community is vast and passionate. Even those who stopped playing the game are still part of the community in one way or another. Some people play the game daily. Some want to become professionals, while others just watch professional games.

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The Dota 2 community has been very vocal about the Battle Pass being unnecessary complex and not straightforward. Valve has certainly moved a step in the right direction with the changes they’ve done today.

Some other issues are left unresolved, and Valve should look into them as soon as possible.

One of them is sexual and racist content that can be added to Guilds.

New Guilds Feature – A Window For Trolls To Share Sexual And Racist Content

Along the TI10 Battle Pass, Guilds have been added as a new feature. 

Up to 50 people can join a guild to chat together, play, and earn points through guild challenges. Anyone who has purchased the TI10 Battle Pass can create a Guild and invite others to join their Guild. 

The issue that was created is that some players realized they could send Guild invites to anyone and that the invitation would pop straight away on their screen.

It seems the content wasn’t moderated at all because very soon, trolls were sending sexually explicit or racists Guild images to streamers to get them banned from the platforms they were streaming on.

This means that if you’re invited to such a Guild, the explicit image and the name that can be explicit as well will be shown in the middle of your screen.

Dota 2 caster and streamer Michelle “Moxxi” Song had the unfortunate experience of Guild during one of her streamers and has used Twitter to call out Valve to make a change.

Soon it was discovered that a command was added to the game to block Guild invites.

By typing “dota_guild_ignore_invites 1” into the console, you can block all invites. It’s not the perfect solution as most players won’t be aware of the command. 

This option is something that needs to be added to the main settings menu as soon as possible.

It’s not just the famous people who are being targeted with these inappropriate Guild images and names. Ordinary Dota 2 players who have no following are being targeted as well. 

An option to only receive Guild invites from friends would probably be the perfect one to resolve this issue.

Valve is yet to comment on this issue, but it’s safe to assume that a fix will be coming very soon to resolve this issue.


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