US Election 2020: President Biden Says That the Country Needs to Unite

US Election 2020

According to the latest news of the US Election 2020, democratic candidate Joe Biden becomes the new President. After the final counting began, America’s people were already hopeful, and it seems their happiness knows no bounds. President Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump with a massive majority. As per the BBC’s projection, Joe Biden’s hold on Pennsylvania gets the credit for his victory. The state is the main battleground for Presidential candidates, and Biden has won the people’s hearts there. Moreover, it is incredible to see that the man secures much beyond the 270 thresholds by the electoral college to win the White House tenure.

While Trump’s campaign states that the ex-President does not want to surrender, Biden is already basking in his newfound glory. The slogan of “unite and heal” is the new buzz phrase for Americans, and Mr. Biden seems to be the new hero. Moreover, President Biden says that his first mission is to overcome the harsh rhetoric and finally unite as a country after taking his oath. Besides, he hits the rights chords by mentioning how he believes that democracy is what all Americans want deep inside. Moreover, it is now a fact after his victory amidst the most unpredictable situations.

Media vote projection of the US Election 2020

After the end of the US Election 2020, Biden’s running companion Kamala Harris will swear as the USA’s new vice president. After the results this year, Donald Trump becomes the only President to serve a single term in America since the 1990s. The BBC’s vote projection was first according to the unofficial counting results. They were certain about the victory of Biden even before the counting ended in Wisconsin and Nevada. However, it is good news that their predictions all came outright, and the democratic candidate won with 279 EC votes.

It is overwhelming for the President to know that over 74 million people have cast votes for him. Besides, it is the highest turnout since 1900. After the results, Ex-President of USA Barrack Obama congratulates and praises him. Earlier, during his tenure, Biden was the running mate of Obama. He says that Biden is a man who loves the country and will serve in its best interests with or without the President’s tag. After the elections are over, supports of Biden-Harris are flocking the streets of America to celebrate the grand victory.

Donald Trump also secures record votes.

On the other hand, on behalf of the Republicans, Donald Trump secures over 70 million votes in the US Election 2020. It is also the second-highest tally since 1900. While Trump was already claiming victory before the counting was over, he is now charged with allegations, including causing irregularities in vote counting. However, no clear proof of any fraud is there against him. During the counting, Trump alleges Joe Biden of claiming false victory, which is now backfiring him. He is presently facing several lawsuits from people all across the USA for his wrong style of campaigning.

According to a response from a couple of senior Republicans, they are not happy with the results. Moreover, Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican Party, states that the media cannot decide the results. It is the voters who will do so. Later, Senator Mitt Romney, a famous critic of Trump, congratulates Mr. Joe Biden and Mrs. Kamala Harris. Romney says that both he and his wife know the candidates and are confident about their country’s intentions. Besides being patriotic, they are excellent people too.

Elections amidst a global pandemic

The elections of this year were very different amidst the COVID situation and the pandemic. While infections and casualties are increasing in the country, Trump criticizes Biden saying that nothing good will happen if he wins. During his campaigns, Trump repeatedly said that if Biden becomes the winner, the USA will only face economic losses and lockdowns. On the contrary, Biden accused Donald Trump of being unable to handle the pandemic situation. He also mentions how irresponsible Trump was not to follow the basic pandemic health guidelines. Presently, Mr. Joe Biden is 78 years old, making him the most senior American President.

After relentless vote counting for over four days, the evident victory of Joe Biden is a sign of excellent campaigning. Moreover, he deserves more credit to make situations turn in his favor despite the social unrest and pandemic worldwide. Besides, winning the spot against one of the most formidable competitors was something to feel proud about. It was the third attempt of Biden to win the Presidential elections. Despite very narrow EC tally projections, he secured over four million majorities in this term, becoming the winner.

A couple of firsts in the US in 2020

Apart from being the oldest man to become President of America, another proud thing has happened. It is that for the very first time, America has a female Vice-President, Kamala Harris. Besides, her heritage is multi-ethnic, making her an even more special candidate in the running. It is finally time for Mr. Biden to begin the tedious job of transforming his cabinet, to start with, the new administration work. Moreover, he has only three months to settle everything. This includes forming an entire cabinet, preparing for governance, and fixing policy priorities.

President Joe Biden is a part of the public arena for over 50 years now, and holding the White House was his dream forever. While he now has the ultimate prize, there comes heaps of responsibilities and risks as well. On the other hand, Donald Trump is not ready to give up so easily. While the usual trend is that the losing candidate is supposed to surrender, Trump wants to contest in every way instead. There will be recounting sessions in Georgia and Wisconsin where the margins were tight. However, it is going to take a lot of legalities for the recounting to take place.

The final certification of the US Election 2020

Another critical deal here is that counting continues till all the electors (total 538) have cast their votes. Therefore, the country has to wait for the final certification available by the end of December. The last state capital votes will fall in the box on December 14. Therefore, any contest has to take place after that.

In most states, the elector’s vote is generally the same as the most popular vote. However, it is not the mandate in all states. After the final certification, the new President will take the final oath on January 20, 2021. It will be at the end of the three month transition period. The handover ceremony takes place in Washington DC’s Capitol Building. After this, the new President will enter the White House officials, to begin with, his four-year office term.

Mr. Joe Biden was in the running for the US Presidential seat twice before. In 1988, he withdrew from the elections following allegations of speech-plagiarism. Neil Kinnock of the British Labor Party was the one to bring along the charges against him. Again in 2008, he withdrew and joined Barrack Obama as his running companion. During the whole eight-year tenure, he learned a lot from Obama, including the Affordable Care Act’s legacy details. Biden’s life has always been a pit-stop for tragedies, including losing his first wife and two children.


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