Upcoming Family Movie “The Christmas Chronicles” 2018


In Upcoming Family Movie “The Christmas Chronicles” 2018, Kurt Russell plays a cool and down to earth Santa Claus. He blows all of the stereotypes to smithereens. If you are a Holy Spirit filled Christian who knows your Bible. Then you will notice without a doubt the NUMEROUS parallels between this story and the New Testament of the Bible.

The best part is that the movie manages to achieve this without ever making intentional religious puns. It is a genius. It is as if “Santa Claus” represents the Holy Spirit, which moves like the wind that nobody can control. In the sense that the Holy Spirit is sovereign over all that happens. But you only understand that at the very end of the movie.

In the movie, Santa goes into dark places of society to rescue people with the “spirit of Christmas”. The cops take him to jail, but it is evident at the end of the movie. Even that might have been a trap. He allowed himself to go to jail. In order to touch the life those who were in there. Both of the hardened cops and thieves, all of which he knows by name. Including current situations that are going on in their personal lives.

This is reflective of the Holy Spirit stepping into the darkness of our lives to rescue us. After all, Christ is King over the darkness. Similarly, just as the Christian Bible avoid to the fact about Christ trapped death instead of death trapping when he said at the cross “It is finished!” So did “Santa” in the movie allowed various seemingly crazy situations to happen to him. So that he could bring light into other people’s lives.

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Another awesome detail about this movie is that Santa. He is humble and down to earth. Despite all his gifts, not for a moment. He shows an attitude of feeling like he better than anyone.

Instead, he is the one, who has humbly accepted the beautiful role plays in making the world a better place. The complete movie will be on American cinema screens on Christmas Eve this year.


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