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UNO Online With Friends

Are you getting bored of playing the same old card games with your friends? Well, let me tell you about one of the most popular card games that you can play regardless of age, anywhere, anytime. And that is UNO. The fun part is, this game is available online as well. You can play UNO online with friends through apps or web browsers.

In this article, we will give you full details about how to play UNO online with friends. So without wasting any time, Let’s jump straight into it.

Development Of Card Game: UNO

Well, UNO as a card game was first developed by Merle Robbins. In 1971, he first invented the playing style of UNO. Later in 1992, he sold the rights of this incredible card game for $50,000 to a company. It was bought by Mattel in 1992.

In this present time, UNO has become one of the most popular card games regardless of age. Apparently, everyone loves playing this exciting game with their friends and family.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of style variations based on elements like movies to football, and whatnot. With development, it has been raised with specific rules and regulations to make this game more exciting and fun to play with with minimum deposit for aussies

Introduction To The Cards

The deck has 108 cards altogether. The cards are in four colors: yellow, green, red, and blue. Moreover, the deck consists of 25 of each of four colors. Along with this, it has four wild cards, and four wild draws four.

Furthermore, each color has one zero, two each from one through nine. Additionally, it has two each: ‘Reverse,’ ‘Draw Two’ and ‘Skip.’ Finally, there are three unique types of cards. These are known as ‘Action Cards.’

Rules & Usage Of Action Cards

Usually, the deck consists of five particular kinds of cards, and these are known as ‘Action Cards.’ These action cards can play a crucial role in your game strategies. They can add an extra spice to the game. The Action Cards are:

  • Skip Card: By using this card, the next player will be skipped.
  • Reverse Card: Reverse card changes the direction of playing to the next player.
  • Wild Card: When you want to change the color of the running card, you can play this card.
  • Draw 2: Using this, the next player will lose his turn and draw two cards.
  • Draw 4: The next player must draw four cards without losing a turn. Additionally, the running color can also be changed.
  • Challenge Draw 4: When a player plays a Draw 4, you can also challenge with a Draw 4. If color matches, the player has to draw four. If not, then you will have to draw 4+ 2 extra cards.

Additional Rules of Action Cards

Another rule is called Stack, where two cards (+2 and +4) can be stacked. Here, a +2 can stack another +2. Moreover, you can play a +4 on +2 as well. Additionally, when a player plays 7, he has to swap hands with another player. So, when 0 cards are played, the playing rotation blocks the next player, and the game continues. Lastly, another rule is called Force Play, where if a player draws a playable card, it will be automatically played.

Let’s Know About ‘House-Rules’ on UNO

UNO house rule has not any official instructions. You just make it in your way, and that’s why people love it and call it UNO house rule. UNO house rules are not much different than the classic rule. To play the UNO house rule, get the UNO basic deck cards as you are allowed to play this game with many people at a single time, so in that case, you have to manage many decks.

Before distributing the card, make sure the dealer is spinning or go round every card in both hands. Though shuffling the card is required, don’t miss the rotating part.

4 points that create a difference between a classic rule and house rule

Those are – Playing in turn, card stacking, freehand exchange & red zero

Step By Step Process To Play UNO online with friends.

By following a bunch of simple rules, you can download UNO from the UNO website and be part of this exciting game with your friends. The objective is to get the first fixed points by a player to be the winner of the game. It may take several rounds of the game. That is how you can play UNO online with friends zoom, or other platforms and enjoy UNO online pc.

Play UNO Online On PC

You can easily access the PC version of the UNO and play UNO online with friends on computer. Typically, Your computer will require a Windows 7 or upgraded operating system.

Additionally, the configuration of the PC should meet other minimum requirements to run the game. Using the broadband internet connection, you can easily play UNO from the official UNO online website and enjoy playing with your friends virtual UNO on zoom. You can also download the PC version on your desktop.

Scoring System of UNO

Now let’s get to know about the scoring system in the UNO game. To be a winner, you are required to get rid of all the cards of yours. And the point you get is from the available cards from the other players. Let’s have a look at the table below.

Cards Value
Draw 2 20
Reverse 20
Skip 20
Wild 50
Wild Draw 4 50

In order to win the game, a player has to reach a minimum of 500 points to claim. Nevertheless, you can play this game either way. For Instance, you can count every point of each hand at the end of the game, and when a player reaches 500, the player who has the lowest points can win the game.

Know About Penalties On UNO

There are multiple situations when the player can face a penalty due to misuse of the rules.

A very common scenario is when a player doesn’t call UNO before playing his final card and gets caught before the next player moves. Calling the UNO is the law under the classic rule. So if the player forgets to do that or intentionally skips that, it will be a clear penalty.

When someone breaks the rule, he/she really has to pay for that. In this case, the player needs to pull out a card or format the deck from his side.

If the player makes a bigger mistake, then the penalty will be higher. In that case, the player needs to draw two or more cards as retribution.

Enjoy UNO On Playstation (PS4) & Xbox

This is exciting that UNO is available on both Playstation and Xbox as well. Specifically, you will be required to have an enabled PS account to get the UNO game’s features. Purchasing the PS4 version will provide you an access link to the UNO game.

Additionally, if you have an Xbox Live Gold account, you can have online access to the game. Through this method, you can enjoy playing UNO online with your friends.

Exclusive Game Strategy On UNO

There are several strategies that you can follow while playing UNO. Such as you can play offensive which means you are aiming to go out by yourself. On the other hand, you can play defensive in order to reduce the value of one’s hand.

Here you get points when the other player goes out. You will have your own strategy by playing more and more and ultimately know when to go offensive and when to go defensive. Slowly you will adapt to your own playing style and strategy and enjoy the game more.

Enjoy UNO Through Facebook

You can enjoy playing UNO via Facebook Messenger with your friends. All you need is to have access to Facebook, which is free. Likewise, you can play online friends and also with whom you are added to the Facebook platform. Facebook is the most popular platform to play UNO online through social media.


Q1: What are the apps for playing UNO?

Answer: There are several good apps, both for iOS and Android OS. Nevertheless, you can try the ‘UNO!’ app on iOS and Android OS. This app is freely available on both platforms now.

Q2: How can I start the UNO game?

Answer: Well, to start the game, you will need a deck of cards, distribute seven cards to all players, and keep the rest upside down. Turn over the top card from the pile, and the first player can start the game with his turn.

Q3: What if the player doesn’t say UNO before playing the final card?

Answer: During the match, if the player forgets to call UNO before the card touches the pile of discard cards, and any other player catches it, the player has to draw a card from the rest of the deck as a penalty.

Final Thought

We are confident that you have received detailed information about the rules and regulations of playing UNO online with friends. Moreover, now you are familiar with the action cards, penalties, game strategies as well.

Now, it’s time to get a deck of UNO cards and start playing it with your friends. Additionally, you can play the game with your friends online, and that is also absolutely free. So, what are you waiting for then!

If you find this article helpful, give it a thumbs up and comment below if you have any queries. Cheers!


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