Unlimited Story Lines and Angles Make 2020 NFL Season Most Anticipated

NFL Season Most Anticipated

Certainly COVID-19 cabin fever with no sports creates NFL starvation.  Ultimate proof of this is from the 2020 NFL Draft TV ratings.  All time records were set for the two prime time evenings.  Fans and gamblers are already pounding the futures odds at CashBet Sportsbook.  Over under win totals and odds to win championships are drawing significant handle.  For that reason, this is a perfect time to go over the NFL’s biggest story lines.   It can be argued that no season offers more intrigue in the history of “The League.”

Belichick’s Patriot Way Faces Ultimate Test 

Finally, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick can live out his dream.  The Hoodie can prove once and for all it was him and not Tom Brady that sparked New England’s dynasty.  On one hand Belichick posted a US Sportsbook record of 11-5 in 2008 when Brady was sidelined.  Counter to that is an overall career record of 54-63 without the GOAT as quarterback.  Jarret Stidham is slated to replace Brady.  Gamblers, fans and media seem mixed on their expectations.   

Will Brady Bunch Remain a Hit in Tampa Bay?

In the same way Tom Brady has dreamed of winning a Super Bowl on his own.  Many were surprised he picked the Buccaneers as his new team.  A closer look shows that he has a better supporting cast than at New England.  Namely wideouts Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are significant upgrades.  All-World tight end Rob Gronkowski has come out of retirement to join his ex-Patriot comrade.  Of great concern is a defense that must tighten up.  Granted the NFC South is hardly filled with dominant teams.  But will Brady and Gronk lose their edge without The Hoodie?

Does Jerry World Finally Live up to Hype?

Above all the Dallas Cowboys draw betting on NFL activity like no NFL brand.  “America’s Team” comes with a full retail price every year.  Dallas owner Jerry Jones marketing genius helps create this demand.  Yet the Cowboys last won the Super Bowl in 1995.  For 2020 there is a sense that something special may take place in Jerry World.  First, the arrival of Green Bay’s Super Bowl winning coach Mike McCarthy brings instant credibility.  Second, even Jones’ harshest critics admit his 2020 NFL Draft was among the very best.  First round pick CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma gives Dak Prescott a home run target.

Miami Magic with Tua Sooner Rather Than Later?

Another first round draft pick has restored long lost passion of Miami fans.  Tua Tagovailoa wowed NFL scouts in his pre-draft workouts.  Specifically, his deep passing ability was a surprise to many observers.  Fans want Tua to start right away.  But the Dolphins vow to stick with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.  At least to start the season.  As the season drones on the pressure will mount for Tua to take over.  Still, what happens when he does is of interest to all.  

Chiefs Will be Better Yet Face Long Odds for Repeat

Starting with their first Super Bowl title in 50 years are the Chiefs a great story.  Ironically enough they will be a better team for 2020.  But KC will be hard pressed for a repeat.  In fact, the last repeat Super Bowl champions were the 2004 New England Patriots.  First round draft pick Clyde Edwards Helaire will ease Patrick Mahomes work load.  The LSU running back offers improved complimentary football for the defense.  Mahomes had to carry the Chiefs on his back with stirring comebacks in all three post season games.  In turn this will be Kansas City’s chance to prove they are a more complete team.  

A Brees of Discontent with the Saints?

Drew Brees comments about standing for the flag seemed innocent enough.  Until many of his teammates and the social media mobs tore into him.  Subsequently the question is how much damage is there in the New Orleans locker room?  Brees was set to retire after 2020 but wanted one more Super Bowl run.  Owing to this controversy and last year’s defensive drop by the Saints are doubts mounting.  


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