Ways to Write a Poem and Wake up the World

understand what poetry is

For the people who pursue writing as a passion and career and desire to bring out the Shakespeare in them, there are places for their lyricism. You can start to help with writing different people to make your portfolio. You can post blogs, literary stuff, self-publish, and poems. Before you post any poems, you need to understand what poetry is all about.

However, poetry is not limited to fusing rhythms and words, and there is some labor included too. As per an Indian British novelist, to point at frauds, to name the unnamable, shape the world, stop it from going to sleep, and start arguments.

Understand what poetry is:

Poem word is originated and traced via the Greeks and divided into poi-eo. It means to do or to make. However, in Greek, it was used to refer to any product or any construction put together.

In today’s era, the poem is limited only to writing partaking nature and the speech or song, which is rhythmical and metaphorical. It usually exhibits some of the formal elements as rhyme, stanzaic structure, and meter.

Forms of poetry

Here are some of the ways of poetries:

Lyric poetry is one of the personal forms of poetry that talks about the poet’s life, desperation, delight, agony, rage, lust, love, transitions, misfortune, utopians, and golden days. It includes:

– Personal lyrics

– Sonnet

– Dramatic monologue

– Elegy

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– Ode

Narrative poetry: 

It is a type of poetry that shows a verbal representation of any of the stories. Its forms are:

– Epics

– Ballad

– Mock-epic

Didactic poetry:

This type of poem is for practical work, including instructions. For instance, “works and days” by Hesiod’s show a farmer’s almanac that shows the description of the work that is to be done in different seasons. Also, and advice on the navigation.

Free verse:

This category of poems does not have a regular rhyme or pattern. As per Robert Frost, this category of poetry is just like playing tennis without a net.

Structure of a poem:

There are two major technical elements of the poem as per Vanier College, i.e.

Foot: It is the combination of unstressed and stressed syllables. They are marked with a;

– Lamb

– Trochee

– Spondee

– Anapest

– Dactyl

Meter: It refers to the number of feet included in one line of the poetry. Following are the meters that are used casually than any other thing:

– Monometer

– Trimester

– Pentameter

– Heptameter

Tips and tricks of writing a poem:

 Following are some of the information and tricks that can help you achieve one of the best masterpieces:

  1. Avoid using adverbs and adjectives. Make it as fancy and straightforward as you can.
  2. Use your senses because poetry requires a sane mind full of ideas and perfect twists.
  3. Focus on the rhythm that you are coming up with. Or, ask someone good at it for a suggestion.
  4. The beginning can be hurtful, but the key to success is never to give up.
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Unlike general writing, first, understand what poetry is and then write it. A poem is something that not even an available writer can do. You are blessed if you can do it.



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