Twitter User says “Kylie Copies Rihanna Don’t ever Forget That”

kylie copies rihanna

Kylie shared her mirror selfie in which she wore a leopard printed catsuit. After checking that picture of her, fans of Riri noticed that Rihanna wore the same style and design back in June. Therefore, they start slamming Kylie that she copies Rihanna.

It is not just the Kylie who got slammed by fans , her sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashians also had the same experience.

Kardashian-Jenner Family is well-known for their makeup and fashion sense. People love to copy cat their looks and styles. They want to be like them and for this they try different things.As people keep an eye on them alongside other celebrities, so it is no surprise when they find out that one celebrity is copying other.

Same happens today, when fan noticed that Kylie’s brown leopard catsuit cost $695 by LaQuan Smith is very similar to Riri’s sheer brown leopard outfit which she wore last month.

It is the first time that Kylie got slammed for copying Rihanna. She wore particular dress for the marketing of her 2019 Kylie Cosmetic Summer Collection. On the other hand, her sister Khloe slammed for copying Rihanna not once but two times.

As far as Kim Kardashian is concerned, she gets slammed recently for copying Noami Campbell.

A twitter user said “Kylie Copies Rihanna Don’t ever forget that”

Another user shared some kind of proof pics when Kylie and sister Khloe Copied Rihanna.

It is possible that two celebrities have worn the same print and design by chance but fans are not really convinced. What do you think of this catsuit copycat incident?


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