Twitter Fans are Pissed from Kylie’s Insane Shoe Collection and Closet

kylie jenner

Once again, Twitter fans are upset because Kylie spends too much money on her insane shoe collection. They don’t like the way; she wasted her money on shoes. We all know that each woman of the Kardashian-Jenner family is very rich and they have a lot of money to spend the way they like.

Before exposing her fully-packed shoe closet, she shared pictures of her exotic birthday vacation. She spent too much on her birthday, people didn’t talk much because she was celebrating her special day. However, now, people are criticizing her because she has rows and rows of shoes in her closet.

Being a model for her Cosmetic and perfume brand, she needs shoes but not that much which she exposed on her Instagram stories.

People who keep up with her lifestyle didn’t like the look of her closet. They think that she should not put her money on fire like this, especially when she can save Amazon’s rainforest from real flame.

A quick look at her shoe closet reveal bejeweled shower shoes from Gucci that cost $1250, expensive Versace flip flops, and $995 red Balenciaga heels. If you try to calculate her total shoes price, then you can say that  one can pay his four-year private college tuition fee with that amount of money collectively.

If twitter fans of Kylie are pissed about her shoe closet, then they are right. We know that she is a billionaire who can spend money the way she likes. But she should think of spending money on some worthy causes.

Here are some negative tweets regarding Kylie’s insane shoe closet.

“Kylie Jenner be like buying her 673838th pair of Gucci shoes meanwhile amazon forest is BURNING. Girlie has tons of money and tons of followers, she could at least post something to her ig story&raise awareness. @KylieJenner”

“I luv the kardashians n all, but no-one needs this many shoes the earth is dyin pls donate instead @KylieJenner.”

“#JennersGreedyLittleGirls there are kids with no shoes.”

“I’m pretty sure kylie can save the amazonia w 10% of her earnings but she to busy shoe shopping and shit.”

What do you think about shoe closet of the Kylie Jenner? I’m sure you might have dream of an enormous closet like that, but one must think of others before wasting that amount of money only on shoes.


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